opinion job cuts ai automation

Automation to cause massive job cuts

cyber security fifa world cup hackers

Football Fans Warned of Hack before the World Cup

opinion shut down addictive technology

Technology that is Addictive is No Good: Children’s Commissioner Forewarns Social Media

retail microsoft cashier free stores

Cashier-free Stores, Microsoft to Challenge Amazon’s Go

opinion ai threat jack ma

“Artificial intelligence and big data is a threat to human beings,” Jack Ma

security ring security system sale

Ring’s security system now available to pre-order

opinion technology creates opportunities sap mcdermott

“Technology Is For All” – Bill McDermott, SAP CEO

opinion elon musk space rocket

"It'll be game-over for all other heavy-lift rockets,” Elon Musk

healthcare aparito avoids failing clinical trials

Aparito ‘Can Be of Great Help’ to Pharma Giants and Healthcare Services

opinion ai changes everything mark cuban

“I think artificial intelligence is going to change everything, everything, 180 degrees,” Mark Cuban

opinion no ai weaponry support google

“Google Will Not Support the Development of AI in Weaponry,” Pichai

iot apple launches watchos

Apple launches WatchOS5 at WWDC 2018

cyber security facebook bug exposes privacy

Facebook’s fragility: A Bug Exposed, Affecting Millions of Users

healthcare ai darwin ecosystem cognitive

Darwin Ecosystem to help people with speech impediments communicate

cyber security myheritage hacked genetic data

Consumer Genealogy Website MyHeritage Hacked, 92 Million User Accounts Affected

sap sap software c hana erp

SAP’s new C/4HANA to give CRM a facelift

iot qualcomm panasonic ford makes cv x

Qualcomm, Panasonic and Ford come together to set up C-V2X Communications

cloud ai cloud taiwan

Taiwan Government to get a new AI Cloud Platform

retail google reserve online booking assistant

Google’s ‘Reserve’ Makes Search Simplified, Helps Businesses Grow

security netgear requests customers password change

Netgear wants Arlo customers to set new passwords for security issues

mobile apple refund for affected battery

Apple is making a new move on its battery slack up issue

it services qualcomm snapdragon     chip

A new powerful Snapdragon 710 Chip from Qualcomm

software uber flying taxi advanced technologies

Uber launches Advanced Technologies Center to develop flying taxis

digital marketing join me in jamaica campaign

‘Join Me In Jamaica’ is the new digital marketing campaign organized to promote Jamaica

networking wifi on spirit airplanes

WiFi onboard low-budget Spirit airplanes by 2019

software twitter secret messaging app

Twitter to develop a private end-to-end encrypted messaging feature

healthcare ai allen integrated cell cancer

The Allen Integrated Cell helps to understand cancer better

networking apple  is eliminated

Bid goodbye to Apple networking

software google maps overreached directions

Google Maps overreached directions

mobile amazon alexa voice assistant android

Like Alexa? You can set it as your default voice assistant on Android

security facial recognition british police

Facial Recognition gone haywire with the British Police

cloud marketo ai google cloud

Marketo plans to use Google Cloud’s AI

cyber security twitter bugs password change

Bugs on Twitter again; change your password now!

software whats up with whatsapp

What’s up with whatsapp?

iot rollsroyce rolls out cullinan suv

Rolls-Royce new SUV is more alluring!

mobile facebook messenger update redesign

Facebook Messenger gets a clean facelift!

software microsoft windows   april     update

Make way for the Windows 10 April 2018 Update

it services virgin hyperloop dp world cargospeed

Virgin Hyperloop One and DP World partner to launch DP World Cargospeed

iot snap spectacles gen

Snap’s launches a better and updated Spectacles V2

digital marketing snapchat  sec ad without skip

Snapchat is testing 6 seconds ads and no, you can’t skip them!

networking particle lte coverage device

Particle pushes for LTE coverage with new device

mobile android auto added new feature

Google’s Android Auto gets a new feature

retail amazon home robots vesta

Home Robots from Amazon soon?

cyber security popsugar steals instagram influencer photos

Millions of Instagram Influencer Photos stolen by PopSugar

iot apple iphone recycle robot daisy

Daisy is Apple’s new iPhone Recycling Robot

software microsoft onenote office

Microsoft announces Office 2019 and ends Microsoft OneNote 2016

digital marketing oldtown and happymarketer work together

Oldtown co-opt Happy Marketer for the third time as digital agency

retail amazon fifth retailer in uk

Bravo Amazon! It is your high point

digital marketing retro digital conference retro live

Retro Digital will educate you on benefits of digital marketing and localization

cyber security four telcos form cybersecurity group

Four Telcos build global cybersecurity group

cloud cloud project by sap sberbank

Sberbank and SAP effectuate Russia’s largest cloud project

software is gmail getting recalibrated

Is Gmail getting recalibrated?

healthcare chip to overcome alcohol abuse

This tiny chip can be of huge help to evade alcohol abuse

security august to associate simplisafe

August Smart Locks and SimpliSafe Security Systems to hook up very soon

cyber security apple fixes siri notification bug

Apple to fix the bug that allowed Siri to read hidden lock notification

cloud synology introduced c  backup

Synology awes with its cheapest cloud backup system!

cyber security facebook zuckerberg cambridge analytica scandal

The Facebook Scandal: Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes

digital marketing instagram shoppable posts business expansion

Instagram expands Shopping on Instagram to Eight Countries

networking facebook express wifi google play

Facebook Express WiFi app on Google Play

retail walmart grocery delivery     cities

100 New Cities to have Walmart Grocery Delivery

iot apple maps bike sharing info

Upgraded Bike Sharing Information on Apple Maps

software education system by malie technology

Malie Technology makes an effort to enhance Liberia’s education system

software hurrah its mario time

Hurrah! Its Mario time

telecom tmobile sprint  g network

Make way, 5G from T-Mobile and Sprint is coming through!

iot canon speedlite changing flash direction

Canon’s latest Speedlite is an auto-directional flash

software zte handset android oreo go

ZTE rolls out the first Android Oreo Go handset in the US

erp b   flash teams for business

No more Human Managers! B12 is Building Flash Teams for you

healthcare hongkong can expect bigdata platform

Hong Kong to soon release a new big data platform to peruse medical record!

iot amazon patent wearable iot wristbands

New Amazon Patent: Wearable IoT Wristbands for Warehouse Workers

iot maisie williams talent app daisie

Daisie is a new Talent Discovery app by actress Maisie Williams

oracle hurd advises to employ cloud

Oracle CEO says to dump data centers and utilize cloud

cloud redhat acquired coreos for    m

CoreOS acquired by Red Hat in Kubernetes Expansion

mobile no iphone se

What Happened to iPhone SE 2?

cyber security governor reynolds reveals cybersecurity partnership

Lowa’s young women; the new generation to outdo in cybersecurity!

security facebook acquired confirm io

Confirm.io, a biometric ID verification startup, is acquired by Facebook

iot audiobooks on google play store

Google Play Store to sell Audiobooks

mobile chinese airlines allow mobile phones

Finally Chinese airlines authorized cellular phones in flight mode!

telecom nb iot launched in australia

Telstra released NB-IoT network across Australia

software blackberry introduces jarvis software

Blackberry back in the game with Jarvis software

iot microsoft cortana behind alexa

Battle of the Virtual Assistants: Where does Cortana, Alexa, and the Google Assistant stand?

healthcare y combinator launches ycbio

Y-Combinator pitches for YC Bio for Healthspan

iot alibaba collaborates chipmaker media tek

Alibaba collaborates chipmaker Media Tek

jennydearborn wins award

Palo Alto tech leader achieves female executive of year award

apple wozniak launches wozu

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, launches Woz U, an online tech education platform

google introduces per second billing

Right on AWS’ heels, Google also introduces per-second billing

nvidia alibaba huawei work on smartcity

Nvidia to work with Alibaba and Huawei on Smart City platform

microsoft helps nonprofits adopt cloud

Microsoft plays a pivotal role in helping nonprofits adopt cloud technology

ohio contracts to two companies

The Ohio Department of Transportation will hand contracts to two companies

telenor wireless trondheim iot lab

Telenor Group and Wireless Trondheim unite to set up an IoT lab

legoland elect vml for digital marketing duties

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resorts nominate VML for best digital journey

google cloud releases dataprep beta

Google just released Google Cloud Dataprep public beta

vevos celebrity dossiers end up on the internet after company rep questions hackers skills

Vevo’s celebrity dossiers end up on the internet after company rep questions hacker’s skills

qualcomm  g phones to hit the market by

Qualcomm: 5G phones to hit the market by 2019

looker announces version   with emphasis on data platform play

Looker announces version 5 with emphasis on data platform play

apples new changes to safari    upsets advertisers

Apple’s new changes to Safari 11 upsets Advertisers

cashshield a startup to prevent credit card fraud raises     million

CashShield, a startup to prevent credit card fraud, raises $5.5 million

metro atlanta to work with accenture for a cause

Metro Atlanta to work with Accenture for a cause

mobile networks come together for secure two factor system

Mobile Networks come together for Secure Two-Factor System

ibm provides free cyber security training to military veterans

IBM provides free cyber security training to military veterans

facebooks new feature helps you bond with your friends and make new friends

Facebook’s new feature helps you bond with your friends and make new friends