75,000 healthcare records breached in a new hack

75000 health insurance breach

In a shocking government healthcare system breach, as many as 75,000 people’s personal healthcare records were hacked. The way into the systems was accessed by insurance agents and brokers, according to reports suggested by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Generally, this system is used to help patients apply for health insurance by agents and brokers. However, just a couple of days ago, the CMS noticed “anomalous activity in the Federally Facilitated Exchanges, or FFE’s Direct Enrollment pathway for agents and brokers.” It was here that nearly 75,000 files of patients were accessed.

Healthcare Hack!

Once the breach was verified, the complete system was secured, CMS said. The complete Direct Enrollment system was shut down so that new cybersecurity measures could be placed. The new updates should be out this week. CMS also assured that it’s continuously working to notify those who might be impacted by this hack. The center will also assist them in securing their data, especially their credit and monetary details.

With the open enrollment period coming up around the corner, security concerns have skyrocketed. However, the Administrator for CMS, Seema Verma has assured this won’t be affecting the enrollment, as both the sites are completely different. The Healthcare.gov, where people can sign up will be absolutely safe, she assured.