reveals that it was hacked

healthcare gov portal hacked

The government’s official medical insurance portal,, has revealed that its Marketplace system was hacked in October. The cybersecurity compromise allowed “inappropriate access” to personal information of over 75,000 people.’s Marketplace system is basically a fact sheet that stores information of the people which is used by Health Insurance Marketplaces run by CMS. So, this compromise gave hackers access information of over 75,000 people who are listed on the Marketplace applications. The accessed sensitive personal data included name, address, sex, immigration status, tax information, and Social Security Numbers. But the government has clarified that none of the bank account information like - credit card numbers or treatment information- was taken during the “inappropriate access”.

The government has assured that the website is safe to use now and the people who are affected by the breach will receive a phone call starting November 5, 2018. They will then receive a follow-up letter briefing them about the details of the breach. As someone who has used the portal “you don’t need to do anything” according to the’s blog.

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