Helm, a personal server to secure your private data

helm to preserve data privacy

Cybersecurity lapses are becoming big news every week and with the recent Google data breach following the numerous Facebook fiascos this year, we wonder if anything is secure anymore. Enter Helm.

Helm is a personal server that will make sure your information is kept safe and private. Helm can control your personal information like your contacts, email, and calendar without sending these to anyone else. And unlike big service providers, with Helm, the data will be owned by you, protected by Helm and kept within the limits of your humble abode.

Helm’s server device is being sold by the company at $499 which includes a one year subscription. Every year after the first one year subscription it will cost you $99. The device has 128GB of built-in storage that is under your control with an option of adding up to 5TB more. The server sets you up by letting you pick a domain name and walks you through a process that sets up the device. The whole setup process takes a few minutes.

Yes, the privacy you want comes with a price tag with this device. But with even Google having its security lapses this year, it will be interesting to see how many takers will go for this option.