To ensure business elevation, Kroger Co. Money Services department made Stickyeyes its digital partner

kroger partnered with stickyeyes

The Kroger Company makes Stickyeyes, a Leeds & London based digital marketing agency its digital partner. Stickyeyes will hold the leadership of Kroger’s products in the US. Not only that, Stickyeyes will also manage Kroger’s crucial areas like search engine optimization, digital strategy, content marketing, and web design.

The key reasons for this collaboration is to elevate and support for the success of Kroger Money Services and concentrate on displaying the wide range of products, money transactions, check cashing, money orders, debit card cashing and giving a helping hand to customers access store locations, and helping by providing necessary information.

Sara Shelton, head of money services for the Kroger Co. said: “We have been impressed by Stickyeyes’ skills, talent and ability to partner with us on some of our most critical digital marketing, design and SEO efforts. We see a tremendous opportunity ahead as we partner to transform our digital presence and customer offerings.”

She also added that Kroger money services will provide cutting-edge products to consumers and will continue to do so. And it expects Stickyeyes to play a major role in this success; the major reason to partner with Stickyeyes is their strong finance market.

Kroger Co. Money Services amalgamated with Stickyeyes clients namely: Enova International, MBNA, TD Direct Investing and Leeds Building Society.