Google eases setup of new devices for employees with zero-touch enrollment

google zero touch enrollment

Google has found a new way for businesses to handle new phones given to employees. With zero-touch enrollment, a seamless setup and deployment of corporate-owned devices are now enabled by Google. Currently, these devices work with Google’s own Pixel.  

Going a little back in time, when a new phone was given to an enterprise owner, an admin worker had to ensure that it was rightly configured and the policies were in place. Times have changed now. As the name indicates, zero-touch enrollment is a feature that simply takes away all the manual steps required in the process.

Setting it up

So now, with this feature enabled, an employee can use a device straight out of the box as all the management services and setting are already in place when the device is shipped. Once the employee gets the device, using it is same as using any new smartphone. The user only has to sign in, walk through the setup process and start working.

The admin workers are free of one task, as they do not require doing any additional work to authorize these devices and add them to their mobility services. The admin simply assigns the new device to a user and the device will be automatically enrolled with their existing enterprise mobility management solution.