Robin Healthcare released a device to assist doctors and clinicians

robin healthcare ai voice assistant

Healthcare startup Robin Healthcare rolled out voice-enabled AI device for the doctors and clinicians to write clinical notes. The device is alike Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice assistant; it will assist doctors by writing notes via doctor’s spoken conversations.

“Through the natural conversation between the physician and the patients we are able to produce fully available clinical notes that get inserted directly to the physician’s EMR,” Noah Auerhahn, CEO, and cofounder of Robin.

The clinician should recheck the drafted notes and make changes accordingly. This device will be of great help to the healthcare industry because doctors need not write notes at all. Prior using the technology doctor should seek patients’ permission to use it.  

According to Mobi health news, the firm has already reaped the benefits by raking its seed funding up to $3.5 million by IA Ventures, Social Leverage, Meridian Street. The fund will be used for product development and natural language processing development. 

Right now the company has 50 devices out in the Bay Area with paying customers at half a dozen clinics. This assistant device has become popular in the digital health space. In May, voice-powered healthcare company Notable launched a wearable voice-powered AI system that helps doctors transcribe from their smartwatches.