Scientists have finally found a way to detect ovarian cancer in women!

ai tool detects ovarian cancer

We all know that cancer is a deadly disease. Thankfully, the fatal forms of ovarian cancer are identified from an artificial intelligence (AI) tool. The tool will recognize the tumor cells that have odd shaped nuclei.

More than 7,000 will be victims to ovarian cancer each year in the UK, normally; survival rate will not exceed 53 percent. The abnormally shaped nuclei are a sign that the cell’s DNA is erratic which will be ignored by the conventional tests.

Dr. Yinyin Yuan, who led the study at the Institute of Cancer Research said, “Using this new test gives us a way of detecting tumours with hidden weaknesses in their ability to repair DNA that wouldn’t be identified through genetic testing.”

Apart from introducing this treatment, Dr Yuan’s team has opened new avenues for immunotherapy, to boost the individual body’s immune system to combat cancer cells. The scientists observed that cancer cells cannot attack the misshapen cells when the immune cells are strong enough to protect the body.

Galectin-3 presence will be high in these clusters, and the scientists conclude that this may be the key to this newly discovered “escape route” from the immune system.

Therapies can target Galectin-3, as removing it could leave these deadly cells vulnerable to the body’s immune cells.