Use Alexa to connect with local business

amazon alexa connects local business

Voice assistants are welcomed and accepted into our homes now and it can do a lot more than just telling you the date and time. Few months back, Amazon’s Alexa was upgraded to give you information about a local store’s opening hours and their phone numbers. Another update now shows that Alexa can actually place a call on your behalf.

If you’re already accustomed to Alexa, it’s going to save your time to search and call your nearest Domino’s. Apart from connecting with local businesses, the Alexa upgrade extends to other IT services as well. You can command Alexa to make announcements, automatically switch the Echo to Do-Not-Disturb mode, stop audio playback, etc.

But do note, Alexa’s performance isn’t as good and capable as Google Duplex. Google introduced Duplex as its voice assistant to call businesses on your behalf to book an appointment or make changes with an already booked one.

However, the upgrade is surely a welcome one for Alexa users and guarantees to save you sometime. This update will be rolled out to users in the U.S. in a couple of days. You simply need to update the Alexa app and tap into the latest potential of the voice assistant.