Own a Volkswagen car? Control it with Siri!

control volkswagen car with siri

Apple and Volkswagen are strengthening their ties on the new VW Car-Net app. Now, you can use Siri to lock and unlock your car through the app and other things like checking the estimated mileage, enable alarms, etc. If you’ve got a VW electric car, you can charge it or even set a specific temperature.

The Car-Net app, however, isn’t a free app and costs a specific subscription fee per month. The app lets you locate your car, put out a geofence, and access diagnostics remotely. Additionally, the Siri Shortcuts on the app is an added advantage for the users.

Suppose you’re staying in really cold areas, gearing up your car’s temperature before you head to work is especially convenient with Siri Shortcuts. It’s a time saver in the long run. The Car-net app is compatible only on iOS 12 where Siri Shortcuts is available.

Comparatively, the added feature maybe a minor update. However, it’s these tidbits of IT services that are signs of revolution in our daily life. It’s not just Apple that’s improvising its voice assistant access. Amazon too has been working tirelessly to integrate with Alexa in cars with Echo Auto. Earlier this year, Ford’s infotainment system had integrated Alexa on board.