Facebook and TUM partner for an AI ethics research push

facebook funds ai ethics research

Facebook has announced a partnership with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) that will see it working with the premier institute to create an independent AI ethics research center. The company has committed to grant the institute $7.5 million over a period of five years. The initial funding from Facebook will help TUM explore the field of ethical research when it comes to artificial intelligence.

At a time, where AI is increasing its grip over various verticals and industries, the ethical research initiative taken by the tech giant is highly progressive and relevant. Much remains open for debate when it comes to the analyzing the capabilities and autonomy that is to be granted to the AI.

On its blog, Facebook wrote: “As AI technology increasingly impacts people and society, the academics, industry stakeholders and developers driving these advances need to do so responsibly and ensure AI treats people fairly, protects their safety, respects their privacy, and works for them.”

It’s no doubt that AI presents a great opportunity for humanity to accelerate growth but the questions specifically pertaining to the safety and security of AI remain unanswered. The funding from Facebook will help the extensive expertise of TUM in artificial intelligence to answer these questions.