Portrait Depth Editing comes to iOS from Google Photos

google adds portrait depth

A month ago, a depth editing feature for portraits was added for Google Photos on Android. Now, the feature has been extended to iOS as well. So, if you’ve taken any portrait images, you can edit the blur, depth, focus area, etc. for these pictures. Users already claim that the added feature is much better than what’s available on Apple’s Photos app.

Pop some Colors

Of course, there are several other apps that can edit the pictures that utilize the depth data from the iPhone. But the newly added photography feature update has something more to offer. There’s another option called Color Pop that’s currently exclusive to iOS. With the Color Pop option, you can tap on the subject to retain the color. The rest of the background submerges into a black and white. However, it’s going to take you some time and ‘tapping in the right spots’ for you to retain the whole subject in color.

Previously, the Assistant section on the Google Photos would apply the Color Pop to some shots automatically. However with this update, you can do it manually for any portrait image. You can access both the depth editing and Color Pop feature in the latest version of Google Photos.