Google’s “Future of Search” was all AI and learning

google search gets revamped

Google’s press conference in San Francisco exclusively talked about the “Future of Search”. Here’s everything Google search engine will do from now on. homepage is getting a facelift – a ‘congested’ one. Google noticed that 1 in 8 queries are repeats and for those returning users. Google decides to keep them ready before they start searching again – it just simply highlights these topics.

Google rebrands Google Feed as “Discover.” Discover will only highlight content (news, videos, or information) Google thinks you might be interested in. However, you can still choose to customize it with the help of a slider that lets you pick what topic to show. Along the same line: When you return to search for a topic “again”, Google’s AI search engine recognizes that and displays a card – a list of the pages you clicked through to before – at the top of the results. As a next step, it also suggests relevant follow-up queries most people search for next.

The cards Google offer at the top of the results page is dynamically generated by Google’s knowledge graph. These cards are an all-encompassing info packet of everything Google thinks you’re looking for or will look next. Looking for a longer haired dog breed like Bearded Collie? Then, Google will also tell you about the grooming.

At last, Google decides to incorporate Google Lens in Google Images. Google Lens is the company’s vision-heavy solution to identify objects within an image. Google Lens could help identify a particular object within an image, and to start searching for it.