Intel launches 8th-gen Core Processors

intel 8gen core processors

Intel has released new processing three chips under the Whiskey Lake U-series. But the new exciting addition to its IT services is the release of three 8th-Gen Amber Lake Y-series processors. While the major architecture of the chips remains the same, Intel has a new highlight as well. The new chips come with an integrated gigabit Wi-Fi support.

This is going to give a big boost to networking, as Intel promises a drastic increase in Internet speeds. The Wi-Fi adaptability is an added bonus, especially because this feature is now available on cheap, mid-range laptops with Whiskey Lake U-series, specifically designed for this category. That’s not all. The new Y-series and U-series chips come with a built-in support for virtual voice assistants like Alexa and Cortana.

The Whiskey Lake U-series come with two-core, four-thread i3-U145U model at 2.1GHz, which can further be upgraded to 3.9GHz. The second one is eight-thread i5-8265U at 1.6GHz and can be increased to a speed of 3.9GHz. And finally, the last one is an eight-thread i7-8565U at 1.8GHz and can be boosted to the speed of 4.6GHz.

On the other hand, the 8th-Gen Amber Lake Y-series processors are chips which are a little less powerful when compared with the Lake U-series. The Amber Lake Y-series comes with dual-core and four-thread configurations. The chips range from 1.1GHz, that be upgraded to 3.4GHz on the m3-8100Y; 1.3GHz and can be increased to 3.9GHz on the i5-8200Y; and lastly, 1.5GHz and can be boosted to 4.2GHz on the top i7-8500Y.