Weird but revolutionary Laowa Probe lens for macro videography

laowa probe macro videography

Venus Optics, the photography experts and lens makers surprises the market with one of the weirdest but most genius macro lens ever, Laowa 24mm f/14 probe. Laowa 24mm allows you to focus really close (2cm @ 2:1) to the subject, showing a great amount of detail and texture. And at the same time, you can enjoy a ‘bug eye’ view (84.1°) so that more background details could be included in the shot.

The high-precision macro lens is particularly useful for videography as both finer details and background can be captured in one shot. The wide angle design offers much more depth of field at a close distance without blurring the background.

The less blurry background means everything for wildlife photography because this allows the habitat of the subject to be included in your photo. The 40cm long barrel is to focus really close to the subject while still keeping your camera and yourself away. Traditional macro lenses fail to reach subjects in an inaccessible area, whereas the long gun Laowa lens model is super useful for easy macro shooting.

The tubular lens barrel will be of greatly useful in filmmaking as this allows a lot of slide in shots through tiny areas, like sliding the lens inside a drink bottle. The slim 20mm diameter lens tip makes it super easy to get sufficient illumination. The front barrel is also waterproof, and that implies, shooting underwater or in a dusty environment is not going to be a problem.