The unlikely-affordable Leica’s Q2 is the best compact camera yet

leica q2 best compact camera

Leica’s new Q2 camera is a significant improvement over its 2015 Q model. The new model, however, retains some of the photography features that made its predecessor great- like, the full-frame sensor, a 28mm F/1.7 Summilux lens, and a few more. Some of the specs that remain the same include the ISO sensitivity range, autofocus system, continuous shooting speed, shutter, exposure system and so on.

The company’s Q camera took advantage of the company’s reputation for high-quality lenses. Likewise, the just-unveiled Q2, including the non-removable 28mm f/1.7 prime lens, a much higher-resolution 47.3-megapixel sensor, and a 4K video capture. It is also the only camera in its line with dust and water resistance.

There are no ports for USB, HDMI, or any other output on the body of the camera. Instead, the Q2 is equipped with Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi to connect to a mobile phone for image transfer. Leica Q2 includes an option to crop the image to simulate common focal lengths like 35mm, 50mm or 75mm for a tighter-looking shoot. Also, Q2 uses the Adobe DNG as its native raw format which guarantees that these crops will be nondestructively applied. Disclaimer – it’s not going to be quite the same as having a lens that long.  Because – cropping images captured using a 4K display camera will shrink the images to lower megapixels making the images look too small.

When it comes to the camera’s design, it has a similar minimalist back with just three buttons and a navigation D-pad with a button in the center. The D-pad button will also be used for movie-recording as there is no dedicated button for the same. The compact and stylish camera is on sale with a price tag of $4,995.