MassRobotics and MassCEC associate to couple clean energy and water sectors

massrobotics shake hands with masscec

MassRobotics and Mass Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) are working together on clean energy and water space. MassCEC’s IncubateMass program will grant award to MassRobotics which is utilized to kick-start the robotics creation and AI start-ups in the two sectors clean energy and water.

The Massachusetts clean energy is excelling well since seven years with raised economy every year compared to state wide economy, according to the reports published by MassCEC.   

Fady Saad, Co-founder & Director of Partnerships at MassRobotics said that he is immensely happy to work with MassCEC and this association would further help in the growth of both the companies through the intersection of clean energy and robotics.

Funding to clean energy and water tech startups is a tough task because it is difficult to elevate their solutions and bring it to the market. So MassRobotics came up with a solution called InnovateMass to help those firms who are facing “commercialization valley of death”

MassRobotics as part of the partnership with MassCEC will host many events to disseminate the importance of robotics and clean energy industries.