Microsoft makes an AI difference to its Dynamics 365 products

microsoft dynamics 365 ai launched

Microsoft brings AI to its well-performing Dynamics 365 CRM suite. The tech giant disrupts the IT services world by introducing three new AI-based products to its Dynamics 365 CRM, namely, Dynamics 365 AI for Sales, Customer Service, and Market Insights.

Alysa Taylor, Microsoft corporate VP for business applications and industry, said that the old ERP or CRM were systems of oppression that only captured data and “didn’t provide any value back to the end user — what end user really needs is a system of empowerment, not oppression.” Taylor argues that the new Dynamics 365 will not keep data siloed like the early systems, instead: it uses all of the collected data to build machine learning-driven experiences for certain tasks.

Dynamics 365 AI for Sales applies sentiment analysis to help sales team gain deeper insights into their prospects, prioritize them, and to decide what actions need to be taken next. It also helps managers train their individual sellers on things to be done.

Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights provides teams with data about social sentiment, and the power to analyze it for insights that will help them take appropriate actions to boost brands. “This allows organizations to harness the vast amounts of social sentiment… analyze it… and on how to use these insights to increase brand loyalty. It helps identify newsworthy events that help provide different brand affinities across an organization,” Taylor said.

Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service implements natural language understanding to accurately interpret customer queries. It helps leverage virtual agents for trivial concerns thereby reduce costs.