OrCam MyMe’s mission is to “make AI a companion for humans”

orcam myme smart camera

OrCam’s MyMe is a tiny device that uses facial recognition to help you remember faces. OrCam’s MyMe – which was previewed at CES 2019 – is a wearable camera equipped with AI that uses visual and audio signals to recognize people familiar to you.

The tiny device provides consumer and healthcare benefits, such as – it greatly aids people suffering from dementia. MyMe doesn’t record audio or video. When the device detects a new face, it prompts you to create a signature by sending you a notification to your phone and smartwatch. The snapshot of the person can be saved with a name or more details to help the device learn and notify you the next time you’re talking to them.

The compatible app lets you tag people in different categories like family members, colleagues, etc. It also shows you acute graphs representing your work-life balance – for example, the time you spend with your family.

OrCam’s first device, called MyEye, is also a wearable designed for the visually impaired people. The device, which can be clipped to the wearer’s glasses, instantly and discreetly reads printed and digital text aloud and also recognizes faces, products, and money notes, all in real time.

OrCam’s MyMe isn’t available just yet and the company expects to ship the product starting in January next year, for $399. OrCam, however, has sold hundreds of early units on Kickstarter where it raised $185,000 via a crowd funding campaign.