Pizza Hut ties up with Toyota for robotic Tundra Pie Pro

pizza hut partners with toyota

Pizza Hut is partnering with Toyota to up its delivery vehicles with the launch of Tundra Pie Pro. The concept truck comes with hydrogen fuel cells that can cook you pizzas and also utilize its robotic arms to move them along the line. This means that the Tundra Pie Pro can get pre-assembled pizzas, bake them, slice them and slide them into boxes, completely on its own. In the end, it’ll ring a bell to notify you that the meal is ready!

What’s cookin’?

Let’s presume you’ve ordered pizza. The Tundra Pie Pro will drive the truck to your place and bake the pizza on its way, even if you’re just a few blocks away! The entire kitchen and the truck are completely robotic run on hydrogen cells. So you needn’t worry about fuel and environment factors.

However, the truth is this is still a concept, which means it could come to the streets or maybe not. Factors like cost, conspicuous design, etc. still need to be addressed once it hits production level. Taking a look at the truck, you’ll wonder where the roof for the kitchen is.

Thinking about the fuel, it becomes certain that the Tundra Pie Pro can run only in California, as hydrogen fuel cell filling stations are more common here. Nevertheless, the robotic truck is a clear example of what the future of food delivery may look like.