ServiceNow acquires startup company FriendlyData for its “friendly” interfaces

servicenow acquires friendlydata

ServiceNow reveals plans to acquire a San Francisco-based startup company FriendlyData. The idea behind the plan is to integrate the startup’s natural language search technology into ServiceNow’s apps on the Now platform. Founded in 2016, FriendlyData is known for developing natural language interface for databases.

FriendlyData’s Natural Language Query (NLQ) technology helps enterprises build search tools that will allow its’ users to query using layman’s language. The technology then translates the human language into SQL Query to the database and returns data in JSON format – a lightweight, human-readable format.

The Now Platform includes apps for IT Services, HR, Security Operations, and Customer Service Management. ServiceNow is also bringing the technology to products used by developers and its partners.

Pat Casey, Senior VP of development and operations at ServiceNow said “ServiceNow is bringing NLQ capabilities to the Now Platform, enabling companies to ask technical questions in plain English and receive direct answers… our goal is to allow anyone to easily make data-driven decisions, increasing productivity and driving businesses forward faster.”

The acquisition of FriendlyData is ServiceNow’s latest attempt to help organizations using AI-based tools to handle support requests from within. In May, ServiceNow launched Virtual Agent – a chatbots building tool that will enable companies to create custom chatbots for services like Slack and Microsoft Teams, for example, to handle routine queries.  ServiceNow also acquired a chatbot startup Parlo, around the same time.