Boston based Talla comes out with Intelligent Knowledge Base 2.0

talla intelligent knowledge base 2 0

A Boston-based company Talla has launched its Intelligent Knowledge Base 2.0, which is an AI-infused knowledge base. Building on its previous model this Intelligent Knowledge Base 2.0 is integrating chatbots and databases to connect them.

Intelligent Knowledge base 2.0 will help the customers in obtaining information swiftly. The new knowledge base will combine content with automation, chatbots and machine learning. The product can be used as a widget on a website. This widget can give customers direct access to the information.

The new knowledge base can expose gaps in information if an employee asks a question and does not get a satisfactory response. Employees can interact with the knowledge base by asking questions to a bot and the bot will provide the answer if it exists. The knowledge base will work with Talla Chat, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Talla’s CEO Rob May said that the knowledge base will help you know the “unknown unknowns in your business.” It will also allow you to write a new and better content. He further explained that this new technology can “turn the business content you write into bots that can answer questions and deliver information.” This will result in much more accurate information which will be easier to retrieve.