Unity Technologies created a video game for AI agents

unity technologies designed ai game

Unity Technologies rolled out a video game. Wait; don’t be excited it’s not for us! This game is developed for artificial intelligence agents. The game is called Obstacle Tower and it is used to test the abilities of their artificial intelligence.

Along with Obstacle Tower, there is a contest which is called “Obstacle Tower Challenge.” It is a standard platform which contains 100 levels that are procedural.  They have to solve every single puzzle and obstacles they face on each floor along with planning out their actions.

When AI agents move up the tower, it starts to become challenging. Since every level is procedurally generated, the puzzles cannot be simply solved in advance. In fact, every level is different.

Danny Lange, Unity's vice president of AI and machine learning said, "Each of the Tower floors is procedurally-generated, which means an AI agent must not only be able to solve a single version of the Tower but any arbitrary version as well. In this way, we're testing the generalization ability of agents, a key capability that has not often been analyzed by benchmarks in the past."

The competition comprises of two rounds. The First round will commence on February 11 and end on March 31. The game is limited only up to 25th floor.

The second round will start from April 15 which lasts until May 24th. All floors up to 100 will be open. The names of the winners will be disclosed on June 14.  As for the prizes, they stand to win $100,000 in cash, travel vouchers, and credits for Google Cloud Platform.