Alexa gets smarter with Wolfram Alpha

wolfram alpha makes alexa smarter

Alexa is getting smarter by the day. Now, with an integration coming from Wolfram Alpha, Alexa will be able to answer a lot of science and math questions. Need to know how high the swans fly? Alexa can answer that.

So far, Alexa’s ‘knowledge’ came from sites like Wikipedia,, and Yelp while the weather was handled by Accuweather and so on. With these sites, Alexa could never really answer difficult history, geography, or engineering questions. The Wolfram Alpha integration now can answer many questions that were difficult earlier.

Wolfram Alpha is one of the resources where schools rely on as a trusted source of information. If you need to know how fast the wind is blowing right now or how many sheets of paper will fit in a binder, Alexa will answer for you.

Getting Smart

Apple’s Siri has had Wolfram Alpha integration for a long time now. It goes back to 2011 when the integration was announced with the iPhone 4S. And now, Alexa also joins the club. But it looks like Google is contended with its search engine and won’t be enabling the platform. The AI feature is already available for some people, but it will still take a while for complete integration.