opinion larry ellison oracle soar

“A lot of tedious transitions that people once did manually are now automated. If you choose Oracle Soar” Larry Ellison

oracle oracle internet intelligence map

Oracle mapping the health of the Internet

big data big data conference toronto

Toronto is hosting a Big Data Conference and Expo

digital marketing facebook drops trending

Facebook has dropped ‘Trending’ section, tests breaking news

cyber security kvh cybersecurity strategy

KVHI announces new cybersecurity strategy

cyber security apple os updates data privacy

Apple’s Hacks on Data Leakage: The New OS Updates

mobile apple new  apps

Apple rolls out new features

cloud ibm blockchain bitcoin cryptocurrency

IBM “Will” Beat Bitcoin Says Sources

it services google mobile arcore in china

Google ARCore is available in China

cyber security north corolina bar cle technology training

Will North Corolina Bar propose mandatory technology CLE credit?

storage aws c d nvme

New EC2 virtual machines with NVMe Storage from AWS

big data google acquires cask data bigdata

Google pushes its big data analytics with Cask Data

software google pay guidelines

What are the directions to use Google Pay?

iot fujifilm launches square sq

Fujifilm rolls out square format Instax camera

retail munchery food delivery closes

No more munchies from Munchery

big data glas data for farmers

Farming is easy with Glas Data

software microsoft discontinues support extension

Microsoft terminates the idea of support extension for Windows 10 enterprise

cyber security facebook sauron alert privacy protect

‘Sauron alert’ on Facebook for privacy protection

iot google assistant updates wear os

Google updates Assistant on Wear OS

digital marketing verizon content samsung galaxy s

Ad content by Verizon on Samsung Galaxy S9?

iot red facebook  d vr camera

3D VR video recording camera from Facebook and RED

digital marketing google adds premium tv content

YouTube advertisements will be sold via ‘Google Preferred’ Network

retail amazon prime membership    dollars

Amazon hikes its annual Prime Membership from $99 to $119 now

cyber security whatsapp europe   years old access

WhatsApp users in Europe have age constraints

iot softbank pepper robot smithsonian

SoftBank’s Pepper Humanoid Robot is now at the Smithsonian

iot wikipedia page preview browsing

Page Previews on Wikipedia now!

mobile iphones hunting oled displays

iPhones are looking for good OLEDs

cyber security linkedin autofill user data leak

User Data Leak possible with LinkedIn’s AutoFill plugin

software google launched grasshopper app

Now it is easy to learn coding via Grasshopper app

iot google chromecast gets new feature

Google adds a new feature to its Chromecast

software whatsapp recalibrated android beta version

WhatsApp rectified its android beta 2.18.109

iot molex tttech industrial iot solutions

Molex and TTTech shake hands to build more industrial IoT solutions

mobile amazon fuse for mobile services

Amazon to roll out its new mobile service ‘Amazon Fuse’

software firefox boosts security for ios

Firefox for iOS is a breakthrough!

cyber security instagram releases new feature

Instagram rolls out new focus portrait mode

storage huwaei     gb phones

Huawei is rumored to bring out the 512 GB Phones

it services tesla model   siri communicate

Tesla Model 3 and Siri Communicate with each other

cloud amazon cloud employee training

Amazon Cloud Service’s next venture is Employee Training

cyber security whatsapp data sharing facebook europe

No more sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook in Europe

cloud salesforce acquire cloudcraze ecommerce solution

Salesforce to Acquire CloudCraze, a Cloud-based E-Commerce Solution

digital marketing queenshotel uses different promotion strategies

Queens Hotel is atypical in using digital strategies for promotion

cyber security apple ios source code

Apple checks the iOS Source Code Leak

mobile nintendo introducing new game

Charge up all the game lovers! Nintendo is with another launch!

software microsoft office     on windows

Only Windows 10 will take in Microsoft Office 2019

mobile apple top smartphone holiday vendor

Apple was the Top Smartphone Vendor during 2017 Holidays

software microsoft support for ios files

New Support for iOS Files from Microsoft

mobile oneplus adds iphonex gesture control

iPhone X Gesture Control now in OnePlus 5T

iot tmobile plans renewable energy

100% Renewable Energy by 2021: T-Mobile

big data bigdata to reduce china corruption

Wonder how big data is of high-priority to curtail wide corruption?

centara opts opera and ideas revenue

Centara migrates to Oracle’s Opera and IDeaS Revenue Solutions

bain buys toshiba memory

Bain Capital buys Toshiba Memory Corp.

whatsapp enhances android beta version

Whatsapp introduces more updates for Android beta version

dell investments on channel partners

Dell invests for its channel partners to introduce more storage offerings in the market

ibm acquired cloudingo

IBM procured Cloudingo, a data center networking startup in Israel

nvidia kinetica interworks partnership

Kinetica works with Nvidia and InterWorks to Deliver Supercharged Platform for Business Intelligence

pinterest lens target

Pinterest’s Lens to be adopted by Target

instagram millions of active users

Instagram has hundreds of millions of active users

hortonworks and nec collaboration

Hortonworks and NEC associate to deliver a Distributed Processing Platform for Big Data

snapchat new partners for ads

Advertisements are part of Snapchat’s new partners

amazons second headquarters where next

Amazon’s second Headquarters: where next?

a trove of sensitive us voter records has been leaked again

A trove of sensitive US voter records has been leaked, again!

everything apple what went on at the steve jobs theatre

Everything Apple: What went on at the Steve Jobs Theatre

information builders bring design thinking to bi and analytics with new brand of process innovation

Information Builders bring Design Thinking to BI and Analytics with new brand of process innovation

a pen could detect cancer in just    seconds

A Pen could detect Cancer in just 10 seconds!

pramatas new suite of analytics apps bring human assisted ai and visualization capabilities

Pramata’s new suite of Analytics Apps bring Human-assisted AI and Visualization Capabilities

will talktalk say bye bye to mobile business

Will TalkTalk say bye-bye to Mobile business?

kfc outlet in china introduces smile to pay

KFC Outlet in China introduces Smile to Pay

microsoft announces the windows    fall creators update

Microsoft announces the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 

adobe campaign gets an update introduces ai to email marketing campaigns

Adobe Campaign gets an update; introduces AI to email marketing campaigns

upload a new     degree cover photo on facebook using facebook app

Upload a new 360-degree Cover Photo on Facebook, using Facebook app

apple drops ios    beta

Apple drops iOS 11 beta 7

sap to collaborate with centrica on energy internet of things

SAP to collaborate with Centrica on Energy Internet of Things

google adds video preview to mobile search

Google adds video preview to mobile search

new update on google docs makes it easier to collaborate

New update on Google Docs makes it easier to collaborate

facebook acquires fayteq allows users to add or remove objects from video

Facebook acquires Fayteq; Allows users to add or remove objects from video

narrativs last click approach helps publishers make more money

Narrativ’s Last-click approach helps publishers make more money

oracle launches banking payments offering

Oracle launches Banking Payments offering

red hats quarterly openshift update brings new service catalog

Red Hat’s quarterly OpenShift update brings new service catalog

research from hired shows drop in foreign recruitment

Research from Hired shows drop in foreign recruitment

t mobile launches unlimited    a data plan for the elderly

T-Mobile launches Unlimited 55+; a data plan for the elderly

amazons latest patent for last mile delivery is a network of mobile drones

Amazon’s latest patent for last mile delivery is a network of mobile drones

microsoft renews windows bounty program with rewards up to

Microsoft renews Windows Bounty Program with rewards up to $250,000

google image search gets a facelift

Google Image Search gets a facelift

merger gone wrong

Merger gone wrong?

free antivirus from kaspersky

Free Antivirus from Kaspersky

google groups oversight leaves pii and private emails exposed

Google Groups oversight leaves PII and private emails exposed

certview is the new security certificate handler for the enterprise

CertView is the new security certificate handler for the enterprise

kenyan women trained by facebook

Kenyan Women trained by Facebook

wekaio comes out of stealth with revolutionary cloud scale storage

WekaIO comes out of stealth with revolutionary cloud-scale storage

blue aprons stock crash as amazon registers new trademark

Blue Apron’s stock crash as Amazon registers new trademark

now pinpoint performance issues inside docker containers

Now pinpoint performance issues inside Docker containers

ibm bets big on data encryption with ibm z

IBM bets big on data encryption with IBM Z

googles container engine receives security centric update

Google’s container engine receives security centric update

facebook messenger to roll out ads

Facebook Messenger to roll out Ads

merchants can sell globally through paypal

Merchants can sell globally through PayPal

microsoft plans on layoff of thousands

Microsoft plans on layoff of thousands

nvidia and baidu team up for ai

Nvidia and Baidu team up for AI

robots for delivery in ohio

Robots for delivery in Ohio

facebook takes on chatbots again with discover

Facebook takes on Chatbots Again with Discover

lexalytics launches industry pack loaded with text analytics software

Lexalytics launches Industry pack loaded with Text Analytics software