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1010data: Optimize Today and Shape Tomorrow

Data analytics is something that is relied upon by every big business in the world today. The deep insights gained by these companies are undoubtedly giving them an advantage over those who are not leveraging the power of this technology. New York-based 1010data has been helping companies harness the power of data and analytics to stay ahead of the curve.

Founded in 2000, 1010data is a company that transforms data into insights that businesses need to anticipate and respond to market changes. The company now has over 19 years of trailblazing innovations in the data and analytics marketplace.

But the reason 1010data stands out in the market is that it doesn’t need you, as a customer, to be from a strong technology background to help you with your data. Whether you’re an executive, data scientist or from a background with no knowledge of technology, 1010data will help you harness the power of data to improve the bottom-line of your company.

1010data was the answer for Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In is one of the American sweethearts among the food chains. Sonic Drive-In is adored and visited by all. The first of Sonic Drive-In’s opened in 1953. That was 66 years ago. Today, it operates over 3,500 restaurants in almost all the states across the country and serves over 3 million customers every day. While the restaurant chain makes most of us take a walk down the memory lane with its drive-in concept, even the market leaders like Sonic cannot rest on its massive history and culture.

The economic spending changes with time and changing demands. On top of this, discretionary spending has declined, prices of key inputs are touching the sky, and ceaseless competition is making it hard for drive-in restaurant chains to absorb costs. But Big Data analytics is giving such restaurant chains hope and helping the restaurants thrive by giving them an advantage.

Sonic Drive-In too felt that Big Data would be important to optimize the performance of over 3,500 drive-ins under its name. The technology would mean that the ball would be back in Sonic’s court. It was pivotal that the company could predict the effectiveness of its new programs, menus, and critical trends.

Sonic looked at Hadoop which showed promise. But the restaurant found that the platform required extensive prep and was just a base for other larger solutions. The company also looked at combo solutions but they did not address the strategic requirements.

The executives from Sonic encountered the 1010data platform at a national restaurant show and were impressed by what was being offered by the platform. Sonic realized that the 1010data platform would be able to perform any queries on all of its data sets and not just the subsets. The company also liked the way Sonic appreciated the intuitive, spreadsheet-style view of data that simplified queries and made the data accessible to non-technical users. In addition, 1010data covered another base that was of prime importance to Sonic i.e., security.

1010data platform was implemented quickly and the deep analysis of the dataset from Sonic began in just a few days. The company noticed that even before the pilot phase got over the analytics revealed unexpected data relationships. The analytics was giving Sonic some solid insights on what would be required. Impressed by the results, Sonic chose to also avail other services the 1010data platform offered.

1010data was able to deliver the Big Data solution Sonic was looking for to gain an advantage. The drive-in has utilized 1010data platform’s services in the best ways possible to do well in the market today.

A distinguished company in Data Analytics

1010data is undoubtedly a leader in data analytics as its cloud-based operational performance, consumer intelligence and alternative data has helped over 900 clients improve their business outcomes until now. Among those who have leveraged the potential of 1010data are the world’s greatest companies including Dollar General, JP Morgan, Sam’s Club, Coca Cola, 3M, Bank of America, GSK and more.

The company’s analytics prowess has been recognized even in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Analytics Solutions. 1010data was named as a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Cloud Business Intelligence Platforms. The laurels don’t stop there. The company is recognized for its excellent services every year and the company says that it is just getting started.

Meet the CEO

Greg Munves, President and CEO

Mr. Munves joined 1010data in 2004. During his tenure, he has held multiple leadership positions in the company. He has played an important role in helping the company grow its user community to over 900 clients and expand its services for retail, consumer goods, and healthcare sectors.

He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Rochester.

The world’s foremost companies consider 1010data the partner of choice for optimizing product portfolio health, mastering customer touchpoints and digitally renovating operations.

“Our modern cloud-based analytical intelligence and consumer insights solutions enable over 850 clients to achieve improved business outcomes quicker, with less risk.”

“1010data transforms Big Data into smart insights to create the High-Definition Enterprise that can anticipate and respond to change.”