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Arundo is built for industrial users, by industrial users

The bank of Big Data is a big one with immense potential. Large modern companies are tapping into this technology to better understand the outcome of their product or service. Gone are the days when we were uncertain about the future. Today, there are advanced softwares equipping machine learning and advanced learning analytics to help understand what the future looks like. A branch of advanced analytics, predictive analytics paints a picture on how the future looks like!

Interestingly, Arundo’s customers are transforming their business with predictive analytics. That’s right; Arundo is a leading enterprise software company enabling smarter operations through its industrial analytics. Arundo, established in 2015 primarily caters to industrial companies with its software for enterprise-scale advanced analytics applications and machine learning. Predictive analytics and a deep understanding of physical operations are certainly delivered to all of Arundo’s customers.

“Our approach is unique,” says Tor Jakob Ramsøy, the founder and CEO of Arundo. “We enable our customers to take control of their data across a broad range of assets leveraging existing investments to accelerate time to insight and action.” Along with predictive analytics and other software, Arundo also delivers data-driven software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

An Extra Edge

The propriety software from Arundo, designed especially for asset-intensive industries is enabled with an extra “edge.” The edge comes for enterprise-scale models management, state streaming and analytics, and rapid cloud deployment of machine learning models. That’s not all. The company helps its customers; especially those involved with asset hierarchies take an added advantage of trapped or never used data. Arundo provides industry context for such customers.

With Arundo, you can witness the results and the impact in ninety days or even less than that. “With our customers, we are revolutionizing operational performance by delivering solutions that are shaping the digital journey, unleashing the business value of data, and enabling human and machine collaboration at scale,” Tor Jakob explains. Arundo promises ten times ROI in critical business areas.

For the digital analytics journey

The entire Arundo enterprise platform presents a flexible and modular suite of softwares. This suite is specifically for people to create their data products. “We connect live data to machine learning and other analytical models, and model outputs to business decisions,” notes Tor Jakob.

Edge Agent: The Arundo Edge is all set out to connect! It enables analytics and improved connectivity in remote ecosystems.

Composer: The Composer from Arundo is what you need when you’re ready to deploy. Data scientists can smoothly deploy with just a single command using the Arundo Composer’s desktop-based analytical models. The command just moves it into the Arundo Fabric cloud environment. Customers using Composer can create and manage live data streams. The live feed can also be deployed with data models.

Fabric: The Arundo Fabric is your go-to platform for all your management needs. Being a cloud-based hub, the Arundo Fabric helps in speedy navigation to extended applications. It also deploys edge agent management, machine learning models, and data streams.

Applications: The complete Arundo portfolio comes with a high return on investment for its SaaS products. Every solution is developed with an ‘out-of-the-box functional capability.’ This itself is the source of core strengths for the Arundo Enterprise platform. And all this comes with the maintenance of the extensibility of the open framework upon which it rests.

The empowered team of Arundites!

At Arundo, it’s an environment of collaborative work systems. The company is constantly on the cutting edge of designing, developing, and creating new innovative products and solutions for its customers. However, the proud team of Arundites has a lot of fun when they head out for offsite excursions. “We have a lot of fun together during offsite excursions, office events and the occasional outing to our favorite taco shop,” Tor Jakob recalls.

The team of Arundites is all passionate about being part of a company. They love it that the company equips them to solve even the most challenging problems to come up with innovative solutions. “We believe in a fun environment, where our people can be fearless and feel empowered to always do the right thing,” he expresses.

The Arundites are comprised of people with diverse backgrounds. It’s not just pure academicians, but also people with backgrounds from maritime, oil & gas, and even a submarine. Everyone here is smart, creative, and thinks for out-of-the-box solutions. The employees come with a playing coach mindset and are equipped to wear multiple hats. Everyone here is ready to step into the exciting future with Arundo!

 Howdy Commander!

Tor Jakob Ramsøy, Founder and CEO

Previously a senior partner in McKinsey & Company’s Business Technology Office, Tor Jakob led McKinsey’s technology service lines in the Global Energy Practice and the EMEA Big Data/Advanced Analytics, and was also country manager for McKinsey Norway and led the BTO office in Scandinavia. Prior to joining McKinsey, Tor Jakob worked as a partner in Accenture.

“Don’t build models for data. Build data products for people.”

“We help industrial companies increase revenue and reduce costs through smarter operations.”