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C&A Systems: Developing On Premise, Innovating Open Source

Delivery of competent IT Services means adapting to the needs of an organization. And it’s important for businesses to achieve results from their investments in technology in the form of generating profitability and reduction in administrative and operational processes. C&A Systems has been helping companies achieve this and more since 2005.

While we know that C&A Systems has played a crucial role in the IT space, we interviewed the CEO of C&A Systems, Roberto Ulises Pérez Quijano, to know more on where C&A Systems is headed looking ahead.

Share with us the history of your company.

C&A Systems was founded in 2005 by a 10-member group of technology consultants who specialized in Microsoft technologies. Our purpose was to exploit the knowledge that we had acquired previously. We wanted to let ourselves use our creativity to make new things so that we could attend the needs of the market back then. The first clients who believed in us were PepsiCo, CFE and CMP. They continue to be our clients.

What hurdles did you face in the initial years after setting up the company? How has your company evolved overtime?

When you build a new company you have to deal with the lack of experience. So, you have to work harder to make the clients trust in your business, and at the same time you have to work on developing the correct infrastructure internally to support the operation. We have moved past each hurdle over time.

What are your strategies for the fast growth of the company?

The things that have worked for us the best are – the great fulfillment of our services, developing new talents by believing in our employees and of course, innovating in the market with our services and solutions.

Brief us about your products and services.

We have five services

  • Project Go is our service through which we help companies achieve their goals through migration, development or whatever you need.
  • Business Licensing Service is the scheme in which we provide our customers with the necessary software tools. We also solve our customer’s licensing issues through this service.
  • IT Service Experience is our comprehensive asset and specialized personnel service that allows users to empower their company with an IT Service through trained personnel. We can work with hybrid solutions including Open Source technologies.
  • My Team Consulting guarantees the coverage of a user’s specific requirements with a clear strategy through our specialized team.
  • Training U is the service in which we coach users on different IT tools.

How does your company contribute towards making businesses better across the industry, and what are your personal inputs for the same?

As a company, we contribute with the digital transformation in the country by modernizing the public and private institutions. And as a person, I work towards it with my ethics and generating new talents in the people who work with me.

Give us an instance of how any of your services helped a customer.

We designed a secure digital desktop for Pemex’s digital desk and unified corporate identity. This allowed it to be used by multiple users and they could also configure Multiple Authentication Factor to improve the overall security. We implemented Power BI for report generation and more visibility.

We are also proud of the Cross Border Express Solution. Through the solution we helped organize and control new technologies throughout the project life cycle by using the best practices to improve the buying process. As a result, now the client can pay attention to incidents through a service table, reports requested by participants, interest groups or by the steering committee, and financial reports.

According to you should the firm be growing or trying to be efficient?

Everyone wants to grow, but if you don’t do it efficiently, with order and structure, it won’t lead you anywhere good.

How do you adapt in this fast growing market?

We adapt to the new technologies and apply them to the specific needs of each business considering all the benefits for them – from the technical aspects to the functional ones – the final user is the one that determines our success or failure.

Tell us about the road ahead for C&A Systems.

Steps to follow for 2020 are mainly to develop niche solutions, innovating to cover the new trends in the cybersecurity and DevOps space. We are also betting on voice and video analytics, microservices, artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation, and we are starting a program on React/Python.

Also, we are opening our second office in Querétaro, México which will have over 300 specialized consultants, certified in quality ISO 27001.

Meet the Chief!

Roberto Ulises Pérez Quijano, CEO

Mr. Quijano is a visionary leader and the spearhead of C&A Systems. As the CEO, he is responsible for the development of corporate strategies, offer development, and personnel coordination. Prior to C&A Systems, he performance different activities such as developer and Project Manager in Los Angeles.