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Civis Analytics: Provides data science solutions to empower your business

For any company looking to increase its business in the digital age, it needs to look beyond the traditional means. Being data-driven is one way to do this. By being data-driven, a business can multiply its return on investments through insights drawn from data and development of data products. But who can make this happen? Data scientists and data science.

Data science as an industry has been around for quite some time now but with the rise of Artificial Intelligence and IoT, it is becoming clearer that there are not enough data scientists to meet the current demand. With passing time though, this demand will have to be met. There were a few companies that entered the fray early on to provide data analytics solutions to meet this inflating demand. Civis Analytics was one of these companies. Although Civis Analytics has now become a leading force in the field of data analytics, its origin and growth story is nothing but fascinating.

Civis Analytics came into being in 2013. The professionals that form the core of the company are a bunch of people who were part of the “Obama for America” campaign back in 2012. The founder and CEO, Dan Wagner was approached by the erstwhile executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt as he saw the potential in Wagner’s team. As the sole investor initially, Mr. Eric Schmidt made Civis Analytics happen. But since then, the company has seen tremendous growth, all on its own.

Civis provides its services to its customers through Identity Resolution and Enhancement, Predictive Modelling, Research and Social Science, and Media Optimization and Attribution. Its cloud-based platform has enabled many businesses to understand customer behavior and improve their engagement using its data science tools.

Helping the Public sector

Although their mission remains the same across the sectors, their work and tools are especially of great help to government, federal and state agencies.

Hurricane Harvey brought with it damages that were equal to that of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. The extent of the flooding that occurred during Harvey was hard to understand. The Civis platform was used by the City of Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department to understand the extent of the storm, to evaluate the damages incurred to the city, and what parts of the city that were still in need. The Civis platform helped target policies and programs to have the best impact, to bring things back to normal.

The Civis Platform is a secure, cloud-based and HIPAA compliant environment that can be used to conduct analysis, make predictive models and create interactive applications which can be used by agencies. Such analysis could help agencies respond to the future natural disasters more quickly.

Civis Analytics established in 2018 works for companies that are spread across all sectors. It now helps the most impactful organizations and many of the Fortune 500 companies leverage data and remove barriers associated with the data analysis process. Its customer portfolio has many big names like Verizon, Discovery, American Red Cross and so many more that vouch for the quality of data analysis they provide. Their approach to data analysis is extremely relevant in present times and as businesses become more data-driven, Civis Analytics is bound to get bigger, better and stronger.

The Data Analytics Pioneer

Dan Wagner, Founder and CEO of Civis Analytics

Dan began his career as an analyst at FTI consulting where he was responsible for creating financial and strategic models. Here, he was responsible for creating financial and strategic models, conducting industry and competitor analyses, and carrying out statistical modeling.

But his break came when he started working for Obama’s campaign “Obama for America” in 2007. He was the Great Lakes Targeting Lead for a year. Subsequently, he became the Targeting and Analytics Director of the Democratic National Committee in 2009. As the Targeting and Analytics Director, he oversaw the committee’s Microtargeting and Predictive Analytics Department.

In the 2012 “Obama for America” campaign he was the Chief Analytics Officer where he was in charge of 54 people that consisted of analysts, engineers, and organizers. His department’s contribution was valuable to Obama’s presidential campaign and has also been highlighted by the world’s leading magazines for the stellar work they did.

It was Eric Schmidt, the then Executive Chairman of Google, who saw the talent in Dan and inspired him to start something of his own. Dan founded Civis Analytics soon after.

“Your business will succeed or fail based on your ability to use data. We’re here to make sure it’s the former.”

 “We are linguists, behavioral economists, software engineers, and physicists. We’ve worked on campaigns, at CERN, and in Antarctica.

We create consumer analytics solutions and software to answer your most critical questions so you can grow your business.

We use data to uncover the truth about your consumers so you can take decisive action.