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Deemsys Inc: Craft the Future

To craft software, one needs to understand the business, its needs, goals, and how to deliver it. One of the best companies which focuses on IT application development through the usage of the best practices in software engineering is Deemsys Inc.

Founded in 2004, the company is one of the best when it comes to UI design, web development, mobile development, branding, digital marketing, web analytics and a lot more. We interviewed the company’s founder Jacob Benjamin to understand what has kept them relevant in this tough market for so long.

What is the Deemsys’ mission?

Our mission at the outset is to bring the latest innovations to healthcare and education domains. We want both to be easily available to every individual. So, we started to make software applications which enhances and promotes online education like LMS and electronic health care records.

What products/services do you offer?

We have immense know-how when it comes to creating start-up projects for investors, manufacturing complex process automation solutions, and working with Blockchain technologies. We at Deemsys Inc, keep the spotlight on creative UI designing, Web & Mobile Application development, SEO/SEM/SMO services, Digital Marketing, etc. We have marked our footprints in web technologies like JAVA/J2EE, ROR, PHP, HTML, Angular JS, Python, AWS Cloud Services and mobile technologies like iOS, Android, Native script.

Our signature products include Transapp, Breast Cancer research project, online fitness, and diabetes prevention programs, Online Education Magazines, Learning Management Systems, Electronic Health Care Records, Medication Monitoring Systems. Deemsys Inc also has ventures in GPS vehicle tracking systems, e-commerce solutions, Augmented Reality and Block Chain Systems.

According to you, what is the next big thing in technology marketplace?

We think the next big thing in technology is data. Nowadays every individual is tied to technology; hence a massive amount of data is going through the internet every day. So, Data Analytics is playing a vital role in today’s world. Data will be the big thing in technology.

Also, I feel Machine learning and Artificial intelligence will be the key technologies. With the surplus amount of data on the internet, both ML and AI will be drastically improved with more accuracy.

What is growth opportunity according to you?

We believe that there are extensive opportunities for software developers to grow in today’s era. The need for new applications on smartphones, tablets, and web platforms will help increase the demand for application software developers. We recognize a rapid increase in the number of software firms and it is expected to increase further in the near future.

How much efforts have you had to put forth to handle customer requests?

We encourage and support networking and relationship management which we believe defines the success of a company. We work to create value for clients and employees by providing services and building products which our customers find useful and add value to their business. Deemsys Inc is honored to be called a relationship building company.

We always go the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction and happiness of our clients and employees. We strive to show a profound respect for human beings inside and outside our company and for the communities in which they live.

Share with us one analytical problem you dealt with?

Currently, more and more people are living with chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes. There are various contributing factors to this including diet, lifestyle, and a lack of health education. To solve this, we developed Cyberhealths with the dream of globally spreading awareness, prevention, and management of Type 2 diabetes using emerging technologies. The quest for non-invasive monitoring and more comprehensive glucose data collection has been successful. Recent technological advances, if incorporated correctly can make Type 2 diabetes management and prevention easier. This idea can help to motivate and improve outcomes by addressing barriers faced while managing Type 2 diabetes. It also offers the convenience factor, where users can have questions answered quickly.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Starting a software firm is a wise choice, especially if it is a product development company. Since a large number of young talents with a background in computer science pass out of universities every year, resources are easy to identify. Also, startups should carefully do a market analysis before making decisions. They must decide how they are going to sell their product as there could be similar offerings on the market. Competitor analysis is important.

Meet the CEO

Jacob Benjamin, CEO, and Founder

Mr. Benjamin has had decades of teaching experience at the university level. He is a brilliant visionary with vast experience in engineering and business development. Under his leadership, Deemsys Inc has become an Information Technology firm which is different.

“Deemsys Inc believes that crafting software is about understanding business needs, goals, and delivering software that brings profit.”