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Digital nGenuity: “Providing Business Solutions Through Technology”

Information Technology (IT) is the soul of most businesses. It has changed the daily lives of individuals and business across the globe. Today, we are in a digital age and can exchange data in seconds, hold video conferences and process payments with the touch of a button. IT facilitates strategic thinking and decision making, reduces operational costs and streamlines communication.

Digital nGenuity is a leading provider of Information Technology and integration services. Digital nGenuity and the companies it has formed partnerships with deliver strategic IT consulting services, enterprise platform services, enterprise business solutions, client support services and education services to a variety of business clients including law firms, corporate departments, and divisions of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments.

Dawn of Digital nGenuity

When Information Technology hit the world during the 90’s, there was a surge in the need for professional IT service providers. Digital nGenuity began its journey in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with the aim of providing cost-effective services in almost all IT verticals.

Digital nGenuity was in no hurry to become a big time player rather it focused more on the quality of the service and customer satisfaction. The company has formed partnerships in various streams providing strategic IT consulting services, enterprise platform services, enterprise business solutions, client support services and education services to a wide range of business clients.

Digital nGenuity grew with an excellent track record of supplying Best of Breed business solutions thus establishing a strong relationship with various key manufacturers and suppliers who realized their client’s diverse needs. There was no turning back for the company as it grew steadily; currently the company is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a recognized leader in its field.

This fully-fledged company now provides high caliber technical professionals who are capable of applying a combination of superior technical ability and strong communication skills to meet client needs with dedicated 24/7 customer service.

The main idea behind Digital nGenuity is to reach out to all companies who do not have a specialized IT department and struggle to maintain the infrastructure. Digital nGenuity covers all aspects that are connected to IT from workstations and servers, mobile devices, to security, networking and cloud services.

The Growing Spree

When Joel Rafuse stepped into the IT business, he quickly realized that most of the companies operated on one principle, maximum money and minimum service and this motto was widely accepted in the industry. But when he founded the company in 2004, his vision was clear on how to run it and that was to provide cost effective services without compromising quality.

His vision based on old-school values reaped benefits and the company progressed with a great reputation and word of mouth publicity. He takes pride in the referral business that is still continuing to keep the company alive because until 3 years ago, the company didn’t even have a marketing department and still stood the test of time. He stresses on one point repeatedly, the strategy has never been to grow fast but to grow steadily and sustainably.

Stumbling blocks in the initial phase

One of the early roadblocks was finding the right talent for the work, because if the work doesn’t match the standard, the CEO had to set his hands on the issue and this led to over dependency on the founder. The problem was this took his time off the company’s other major priorities that needed his attention.

Client satisfaction was of utmost importance and if the right call wasn’t made by his employees, he’d have to step in and sort it out. This was only during the initial phase and soon this was balanced with small course corrections as the CEO had to invest more time on the business rather than in the business.

Over the years, the company engaged key professionals who helped drive growth which is reflected in high client satisfaction and strong revenue.

Efficiency vs Growth

Firms should choose between being efficient or targeting growth. It is understandable that efficiency supports profit which is nothing but growth. The company is thankful for having been able to consistently do the right thing while still managing to be profitable.“If forced to choose between focusing on efficiency and making more profit or doing the right thing for the client and not making as much, we as a company always side with the client’s best interests.”

Broad areas of expertise

IT service has created a lot of demand in the fast-moving working world which in turn is pushing firms to experiment with different technologies and services that can help them meet high standards. Digital nGenuity has a product portfolio for small, medium and large organizations that best suits the IT requirements of any company.

The company’s broad spectrum of IT services span across Enterprise to SMB solutions. Its services and solutions are focused on security, backup and disaster recovery while still maximizing end-user productivity, reducing risks associated with migrating to new technologies, and minimizing Total Cost of Ownership. Its goal is to provide the most consistent, flexible, timely, and highest-quality services possible in the most efficient way at the lowest cost.

Digital nGenuity has a full Support Team of certified Microsoft engineers, some with over 20 years of experience supporting desktops, networks and servers. Certifications cover Microsoft, WatchGuard, Intel, OpenText and other vendor solutions.

- Network Design and Implementation for Microsoft Networks

- Managed Services

- Turn-Key Business Solutions

- On Site Service

- Disaster Recovery

- Hardware and OTS software

- Remote Access Solutions

- Virtualization

- WiFi solutions

- Evergreen Planning

- Cloud Services

- Desktop Helpdesk services

- Mobility Support - phones  and tablets

- System Security, Firewalls, Perimeter and endpoint protection

- eMail Security

- Antivirus protection

- Archiving solutions

About the CEO

Joel Rafuse founded the company in 2004 with the aim of providing the best IT services in Atlantic Canada. His values are attached to the very core of the company and have strictly adhered to it always, and those old-school values in business have led to successful partnerships and loyal clients. He started servicing legal clients in the early 1990’s and the PC revolution was catching fire at the time and the need for computers was on the rise. From there he set up NetWare networks for the firms which provided easier file sharing and storage. Under his leadership the company has grown to become a key player in SMB market.

“We are a proven resource, capable of applying the combination of demonstrated technical ability with strong communication skills to meet our clients needs” 

"Our experienced consulting and technical management team provides the knowledge, insight and expertise to make a significant contribution in a variety of business application areas."