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“We believe in fostering an environment of empowerment, creativity, and teamwork,”  Dennis Ruppel, Chairman & Director, Fathom Companies

Customer satisfaction has been one of the prime factors of success that every organization counts on. But there is one industry in particular that totally depends upon its customer satisfaction; so much that without their customers happy, a business can completely shut down. We’re talking about the hospitality industry. There’s huge potential in the hospitality industry and its economic importance is a stronghold for the entire global market.

There are many renowned hotels and chains that their customer satisfaction and retention have always been high. Fathom Companies is one such business organization in the vast industry of hospitality. At Fathom, the working experience is measured in a unique way. It’s measured not in terms of years, but decades of working for and with some of the most successful brands in the industry. Directing and leading such a company is Dennis Ruppel, the Chairman and Director of Fathom Companies.

But, Dennis didn’t right away start his career into the hospitality or commercial property industry. You’d be surprised to know that Dennis practiced law and that too for nearly forty years. With such a vast experience, he gained a thorough knowledge of both the financial markets and the banking industry. Moreover, he has established an expertise in commercial property, casualty insurance, and underwriting, with his acquired knowledge over the years.

Being the Chairman and Director of Fathom Companies isn’t the only position that Dennis has achieved. Previously, he has held appointments as a General Partner and Managing Member at various ventures, small and large, and other entities. Even today, he retains various real estate assets, industrial property, and mortgages and land, making him a true driving force in the industry.

Inspiring the Highest Values

At Fathom Companies, everyone is highly valued. Without these people, the company couldn’t possibly run and stand where it is today. The company deeply values its clients. “We appreciate that trust is not automatic; it must be earned over time. And for that reason, we are relentless in our pursuit of a clients’ trust from our very first interaction,” explains Dennis. This is why business at Fathom is conducted accordingly. The highest standards of amenities are blended with aesthetics. Simultaneously, constant adjustments are made to refine the award-winning services. “It’s not just about showing our guests a good time—it’s about creating an experience that’s as unforgettable as it is unique,” he adds.

But it’s not just the clients that Dennis expresses his gratitude. It’s also his team at Fathom, without whom it would stand nowhere. Every member of the company is experienced in the art of exceptional hospitality. They’re selected based on Fathom’s guiding principles, with the right efficiency, creativity, professionalism, and integrity. “In turn, we foster an atmosphere of communication, encouragement, and respect, believing strongly that people perform their best when nothing less is expected,” Dennis comments.

Every business company requires finance to run. At its core, Fathom Companies is a business enterprise.  It’s keen on providing operational efficiency and acquiring profits. And the support from its investors is deeply valued and cherished here. “We hold ourselves accountable for yielding successful results for our investment partners, and we have developed exclusive analytical systems for monitoring and reporting performance to keep this objective both visible and attainable,” says Dennis.

That’s not all. Dennis also understands the value of the community and instills it in his company. “Our philosophy insists upon a strong relationship with the community surrounding each property,” he explains. Fathom brings a balance to its business success through its voluntary activities. Be it charitable giving, partnerships with local vendors, or even an emphasis on sustainability, Fathom covers it all.

The Press Hotel and the Union Restaurant: Prized entities of Fathom

The Press Hotel

Opened in May 2015, the Press Hotel is situated at the former newspaper headquarters of The Portland Press Herald. The opening marked the city’s first lifestyle boutique hotel, sweeping headlines once again into a cherished, historic city landmark. The Press Hotel respects the rich history of the Press Herald by presenting thoughtful design details that reflect the art of storytelling, news, and the media itself. The hotel celebrates this with the local arts with a gallery featuring works from Maine artists. It has earned the Condé Nast Traveler Hot List Winner in 2016.

The UNION Restaurant

Aptly named UNION, the hotel’s award-winning restaurant is grounded in its relationship to the surrounding food community, including brewers and craftsmen, fishermen, and the farmers as well. The UNION presents a unique Portland experience with its seasonal menus that bring out the aroma of classic dishes while using contemporary preparations and regional ingredients. With Executive Chef Josh Berry, the UNION truly celebrates the locale with his sophisticated yet approachable menu making it an ideal expression of Portland’s vibrant food scene.

“At Fathom Companies, we measure our experience working for, and with, some of the most successful brands in the industry—not in terms of years, but decades. And it’s from that perspective that we formed our core beliefs.”

“We believe in the richness of opportunity that is possible when grounded in mutual trust and respect.”