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Fayrix: One stop solution for IT services

“Custom software development& Big Data services”

Software development is a key area that is in need of people always and many of the advanced countries are nowadays facing a shortage of skilled developers despite the fact that many developing countries are continuously aiming to fulfill that demand. But this demand gap has lengthened and has resulted in increased prices for custom software development.

Fayrix intends to find a solution to this long-lasting problem by developing world-class custom software development services that are available globally at an affordable rate for the business. Fayrix houses a team of motivated Big Data scientists and a large team of software developers.


Fayrix began its IT business in 2005 after accumulating one of the largest IT human resource capital in Eastern Europe. The company employs 1500+ full-time software developers and data scientists. Headquartered in HerzliyaPitu'akh, Israel, the company owns around 10 R&D centers in Europe. Having multiple offices spread across the globe has its own perks of picking the best talent from the pool and Fayrix’s Big Data team possesses data scientists who have grabbed the Kaggle Master and Grandmaster titles.

Let’s dig deep into the company

Fayrix has about 14 years of experience in the software development business – proving deep expertise in Business Intelligence and Big Data services. Their powerful team is capable of building AI-powered products of any complexity and is learning constantly to gain experience in related areas like on IoT, Machine learning, blockchain, web, and mobile technologies.

Fayrix offers its clientele flexible terms, feasible rates and a wide variety of partnership models like time & materials, dedicated teams or project-based full outsourcing. Their working model is deeply embedded in key values like transparency, availability, flexibility, and dedication.

These values and standards are reflected in their work ethics and the clients can expect full compliance with the highest international legal & financial standards in terms of transparency.

They allocate a full-time dedicated team for projects and allow temporary relocations if the client needs it to develop custom projects with a fixed deadline. Fayrix works in a dedicated fashion with documented methodology, weekly project reports, regular calls and keeping track of the client’s requirement always.

Secret of the Growth Spurt

One of the major reasons for the sudden growth of the company is attributed to the cent percent sales and marketing that is done online. Thus the company eliminates expenses like travel, representative and rental costs, which helps them save their budgets drastically.

By following this methodology Fayrix is capable of offering competitive rates while including the highest level of services. Make no mistake, equating the company with a freelancer. Fayrix is far more advanced and proven with its experienced developers and well-established processes.

Why Fayrix?

“Fayrix has been specifically created to bring IT innovation to traditional commercial processes of IT companies.”

The company’s core specialties are some of the main reasons to look forward to like Big Data services, Front-end development, Back-end development, and Mobile development. 

Mobile apps are developed by the company tailor-made for its clients at optimal prices with the help of its 1500+ full-time employees, all the while keeping the core policy of client satisfaction in the mind.

The company also executes big-data projects of any scale by including initial data analysis that helps transform great business solutions.

Software development projects are managed using the latest technologies and the company crafts personalized software according to the requirement of the clients. They have more than 104 highly experienced employees to handle PHP for software development.

Optimal cost structure

Fayrix has a minimum budget requirement of $5000 dollars, but on the other hand, the company also works along zero-budget startups, if they feel their project is promising and the company ascertains it with the help of venture analysts they employ. Fayrix is ready to support these startups with their technology if there are long-term revenue share relationships between the companies.

Outsourcing Benefits

There are a number of reasons to choose to outsource over in-house production because sometimes companies face a project that is completely out of their expertise and hiring a new team and developing something totally new can be fatal to the company’s reputation. Meanwhile, outsourcing the project will result in quality products and happy clients.

Many Tech companies with vast resources and skills have fallen before because of the lack of proper IT management. Managing teams can be delirious if the company is new and still developing. Outsourcing benefits in controlling risks and managing time.

Innovation is synonymous with IT, and the companies that can't keep with it are likely to lose the battle before they even start. IT outsourcing agencies usually have an impressive project portfolio and this can be used to satisfy clients and thus maintain a long-term relationship with them.

Meet the visionary

 Ofer Zvi has extensive experience in global corporate management and B2B business. He is also well versed in product management and entrepreneurship. His administrative capacity and practical experience are unmatched in a wide range of areas such as operations, Business & sales marketing, P&L, customer relations, development teams, product management and raising money from VCs. 

“For 10+ years the Fayrix team has launched 350+ successful projects for 100+ clients with overall 25+ million end-users worldwide.”