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Horizon Innovations: Process Drives Us, Innovation inspires Us

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. With the emergence of new technologies, the opportunities are aplenty. In fact, there are more business ideas to explore today than ever before. This is giving birth to new disciplines, companies and job descriptions. Today’s best jobs did not exist just a few years back. And the rapid proliferation of technologies like Cloud, AI and IoT means that tomorrow we could be looking to fill positions that haven’t even been imagined yet. The businesses will have to change the ways they explore the talent pool of tomorrow.

Outsourcing sales and marketing is one of the serious decisions businesses have to make because we all know how sales affect a company’s bottom line. But as a business starts developing its strategy for growth, outsourcing sales and marketing could be pivotal to achieve the revenue goals. It could help a company gain by taking on lesser costs, fast growth, and aim for greater efficiency.

But to make such transformation happen you need to turn to a sales and marketing company that has some serious experience. Jacksonville, Florida-based Horizon Innovations has a great range of outsourced solutions and services to help organizations empower their business. Established in 2012, the company has been helping businesses increase output and communications by helping them overcome cost and other issues. Many companies have tried to emulate their one-of-a-kind model but as they say, the skill of the people and the knowledge are hard to duplicate.

Grow with Horizon Innovations

Many companies grow to get to the middle market but their growth stagnates at this point. To get to the next level the strategy needs to change. Many companies do not realize that they do not have the resources to extract all they can from their sales growth. Partnership with world-class sales execution company can give such companies the push they need to propel themselves to newer heights. This is where partnership with an experienced sales and marketing player like Horizon Innovations could make the difference.

Nora Su, President of Horizon Innovations says, “Horizon Innovations prides itself to provide our national companies the results that very few other marketing companies can achieve and compete with.”

But Horizon Innovations has carved its own niche in sales and marketing and it’s not just because of what it delivers for its customers. Beyond the work, Horizon genuinely embraces the entrepreneurial mindset and drives its employees to be innovative too. The company proactively takes interest in providing fair advancement opportunities to all the employees who work for the company. Nora Su says, “Horizon Innovations’ number one priority is to create more entrepreneurial opportunities for its employees and continue developing our future leaders into top positions.”

With such a strong emphasis on growth Horizon Innovations is one the very few companies that really care for its employees. The company ensures that the employees who work hard are valued and rewarded. The company is currently about to reach the full capacity at Jacksonville and is now looking to expand. On expansion plans, the President says, “Horizon Innovations is planning on reaching the maximum capacity in Jacksonville, then we will split, and the top performer in the company who demonstrates exceptional leadership abilities will be put in charge of the Jacksonville branch or other metropolitan cities around the nation. We have high demands in the Jacksonville area and are looking to bring in more national clients into our company.”

Meet the Leader

Nora Su, President

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Nora moved to the US when she was 13. She graduated top of her class from the University of Washington, Seattle with a degree in economics. She saw the opportunity and entered business. She fell in love with the work environment and the focus on developing other people. She runs the top office for her client. Her goal for the year is to provide three people get the same opportunity that was given to her when she started out. 

One of the best places to work

This year, Glassdoor, a leading job search/review portal recognized Horizon Innovations on its Best Places to Work list. The company was ranked #2 on the prestigious list which recognizes the companies with the best company cultures. And if that wasn’t enough, Horizon Innovations has been recognized as The Best Companies to Work For in Florida by Florida Trends for five years in a row (2015-2019). The repeated feat is at the very least remarkable.

“We feel that it is our duty to provide a fair advancement opportunity to all employees within the company. That is why we have in place a management in training program.”

“Our program is results driven and committed to unleashing our employees’ potentials.”

“Horizon Innovations offers a full spectrum of outsourced solutions and service offerings to help organizations empower their business.”