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Infor: A Global Leader in Business Cloud Software Products

The cloud computing market is growing rapidly as more and more businesses realize the benefits of moving to the cloud. One of the leading names in the cloud software is New York City-based Infor, which has been a global leader in business cloud software for some time now.

Infor was founded in 2002, under a different name. It initially began its journey as an ERP software company which focused on the manufacturing industry. Very early in its journey, the company made a series of critical acquisitions. In 2004, the company rebranded itself as Infor. The company also became very focused on the select industries within manufacturing.

With the turn of the decade, Infor revamped its management. The company’s most important addition was their new CEO Charles Phillips who brought his immense experience Infor and set the strategic direction of the company. Under his leadership, the company gained a new vision as it started investing in newer products, expanded into service industries and started delivering applications for the cloud. Soon, Infor also made a strategic acquisition by buying out its rival Lawson Software and entered the healthcare vertical.

Partnership with AWS

Infor’s ERP market space was expanding after 2010 and the company saw that the customer’s demand to move to the cloud was growing. The company further anticipated that it may face significant challenges in coming times if they did not try something different.

To support this rising demand Infor decided to partner with AWS platform in 2013 to deploy its Infor CloudSuite product. The company’s partnership with AWS ensured that its customers had the complete solutions and suites on the AWS Cloud without Infor having to customize. With AWS as a reliable partner, Infor could develop and innovate for its Infor CloudSuite. The infrastructure soon grew to have over 60 million subscribers. From here, Infor’s influence in the cloud market grew exponentially as it became one of the leaders in the cloud computing space.

Today, Infor is headquartered in New York City and around 68,000 organizations around the world rely on the company for business-wide digital transformation.

The Power of People

Infor employs over 17,000 people globally. With 168 offices located all over the world, the company leverages the power of people and the diversity in its workforce to innovate. The company has a sense of urgency when it comes to its customers and thrives on their success which shows that Infor is a value-based company focused on innovation and customer success.

The company is also leading the industry to close the gender gap. To make this happen, they have a program called Women’s Infor Network (WIN) which is focused on onboarding and supporting more women to join the company and cultivating their talents to usher them into leadership positions.

Meet the Captain

Charles Phillips, CEO

Mr. Phillips has served multiple MNCs in various executive positions. Before Infor, he was the President of the Oracle Corporation and a member of its Board of Directors. He was the Managing Director at Morgan Stanley in the Technology Group and served on their Board of Directors prior to his stint at Oracle. Currently, he serves on the Boards of Viacom Corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Council of Foreign Relations.

He was a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps in the 2nd Battalion, 10th Marines at Camp Lejeune. And he has served on President Obama’s Economic Recovery Board.

Mr. Phillips holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the U.S. Air Force Academy, a J.D. from New York Law School, and an MBA from the Hampton University. He is also a member of the Georgia State Bar Association.

A case study

Concordia Plan Services is a non-profit healthcare organization based in St Louis, MO. The organization provides health benefits and also pension and disability benefits for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). It s operations span the entire US with some international presence too. The organization continues to grow the number of people it serves through its solution for business development and customer relationship management.

Concordia was looking to increase its customer service through a new self-service member portal which would provide a consolidated and personal view of all plan and policy details. The organization was also looking to reevaluate its relations with its hosting provider Xerox.

After careful consideration, Concordia chose Infor as a partner. Cordia selected Infor CloudSuite Healthcare which was powered by Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing services. The cloud suite proved to be highly beneficial to the organization as the move helped Concordia save over $400,000 in annual operating expenses.

Concordia leveraged the strength of Infor HR Knowledgebase and Infor CRM to improve its customer service and to support its business development goals. Infor’s customer success manager has also helped reduce the time associated with Infor projects by 20% to 30%.

Other Results:

-Avoided $300,000 in labor costs which would have towards hiring additional employees

-$350,000 saved in hardware costs which would gone towards on-premise deployment

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