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INTELITY: The broadest hospitality technology platform that seamlessly connects service industry workforces to their customers

INTELITY provides wide-range and absolute enterprise guest experience and management platform for the cruise, casino, hotel and luxury residential markets. The company’s mission is to give its customers the best experience and offer them with the most direct and advanced connection to their guests, alongside supporting back-of-house operations and business intelligence. The firm has received many awards for their products and leadership and it is also recognized by Forbes Travel Guide, Built in LA, Hotel Tech Report, and Travel Weekly.

INTELITY ™ is well known for its contribution to the hospitality industry with its wide-ranging guest engagement and staff management platform that was announced in the month of June. It demonstrated its new in-room tablet at HITEC Minneapolis. The new ten-inch Android tablet design is tailor-made for hospitality and targets expanded capabilities and improved ease of use.

The new in-room tablet is sleeker with large screen when compared to other tablets in the market. It also has a new docking station, which includes built-in Bluetooth speakers for improved audio support, in addition to USB and newer USB-C ports. An enhanced, multi-touch capacitive screen and an upgraded chipset array with nearly 50 percent more power than prior generation devices further elevate the guest experience through increased responsiveness and bulletproof security.

INTELITY provides a 360 degree spectrum of iOS and Android in-room tablets that fit virtually any hospitality setting. Using INTELITY’s in-room tablet solutions, hoteliers can replace printed room collateral, like the outdated compendiums and marketing material, and provide their guests with direct digital access to staff, services, and on-site amenities.

Guests are free to submit their service requirement, make on-and off-site reservations, manage the room environment, place dining orders, make reservations, converse with staff etc.

“INTELITY is known for offering the ‘best in class’ in-room technology and enhancing the guest experience at properties of all sizes,” said David Adelson, INTELITY President and COO. “We are thrilled to add the ‘best in class’ tablet to our offerings and look forward to providing our customers with the expanded capabilities they’ve requested.”


Mobile and Web App: INTELITY provides single or multi-property, custom brand and mobile SDK Mobile App solutions that allows staff to bond directly with the guests prior, during, and after their stay. Important factors include Check-In and Mobile Key, which helps guests to eradicate their time at the front desk and go straight to their rooms.

Mobile Key: Guests can save their time from waiting at the front desk by using their smartphone key which allows direct access to their rooms.

Casting: Give your guests control over their in-room entertainment and drop your high-cost TV packages with INTELITY’s Casting solution. INTELITY’s Casting solution is Netflix compliant and allows your guests to stream limitless content from their personal mobile devices or from INTELITY’S In-Room Tablets directly to the TVs in their rooms. 

Dream Hollywood’s success

Connecting with and effectively marketing to guests are big pain points in the hospitality industry. In an age where guests are inundated with content and have endless accommodation choices available at their fingertips, it can be challenging for hoteliers to reach their guests and maintain their attention. Technology, though a key contributor to the abundance of content and choices available to today’s guest, can also help hotel marketers reach their target audience by providing them with the tools to deliver the right message to the right guests, at just the right time.

One hotel that is taking advantage of the marketing tools that technology has made available is Dream Hollywood, located in the heart of Hollywood, California. A “modern oasis inspired by the innovation and glamour of the Hollywood Hills,” Dream Hollywood has reimagined its guest marketing by crafting a digital-first mobile and in-room experience to increase guest engagement, drive demand to restaurant partners, and generate interest in in-room dining offerings.

The guest rooms at Dream Hollywood are free from any kind of printed collateral or marketing materials. Rather than relying on an old-fashioned printed compendium, the property installed in-room tablets as a way to create the seamless digital connection modern travelers look for and provide a channel that increases guest engagement and requests. On an average, hotels spend $150.00 per room per print on in-room collateral and printed compendiums. By using a digital compendium and replacing printed collateral with digital offerings, Dream Hollywood can save over $100,000.00 per year on printing costs.

Using their customized mobile app and in-room tablets, Dream Hollywood’s marketing team is able to reach their target audience when and where they’re most captive and maintain their attention by serving up the right offers. By engaging their guests when they’re paying the most attention, Dream Hollywood’s marketing team is driving traffic to their food and beverage and in-room dining programs, which ultimately positively impacts the hotel’s bottom line.

In the last 30 days, 80 percent of Dream Hollywood’s guest engagement has come through guest interaction with the food and beverage options available on the in-room tablet. At least 50 percent of that engagement comes from guests interacting with the hotel’s in-room dining options and 30 percent comes from guests engaging with the property’s other food and beverage offerings.

This has been a huge turning point in Dream Hollywood’s success. Let’s wish best of luck to Dream Hollywood in its future endeavors.

Greet the ace: Robert Stevenson, CEO

Robert Stevenson is a tech and entertainment executive with more than 20 years’ of rich experience across a broad array of disciplines, including product and business development, marketing, engineering, and finance. Prior to the formation of INTELITY, Robert served as CEO of KEYPR, helping to lead the company to significant growth and also, Head of Content Strategy for Oculus, the world’s largest VR & AR platform purchased by Facebook for $3Bn. Robert has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and has completed undergraduate studies in Design and Computer Science at North Carolina State University.

“Our specialities are Hospitality technology, Technology, Travel, Software development, and Mobile.”

“We’re not just a platform, but a partner. We work alongside you to bring your operations teams and customers together, full circle.”