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Knoldus: Revamping the Digital Ecosystem

“Our ultimate goal is to create customer successes. We begin by listening carefully to our customers, understanding their technology and business objectives, and aligning our resources with the customers' objectives.”

The word Knol means a unit of knowledge and Dus originated from the Sanskrit word Druksh which means a tree. So Knoldus stands for the tree of knowledge.

In late 2009 there were three key issues that the outsourcing organizations based out of India, Sri Lanka and Poland encountered often, these were issues related to the quality of code, efficiency of communication and level of commitment.

And then and there begins the ideation to provide niche solutions to the business community and altogether mark a change. Knoldus chose functional programming as its forte because it seemed like an appealing choice to build the next generation of business products.

The company grew into a profitable organization within a span of eight years and went on to become one of the world’s largest pure-play Scala and Spark company with offices scattered all over the world and 17+ global customers.

The Knolder Story

CTO’s around the world are always looking for improved code quality and the journey of Knoldus began by committing itself to improve code quality. At Knoldus engineers always design digital systems with a product mindset to deliver a competitive advantage to the business.

Every Knolder story revolves around three keywords: knol, commitment and results and the dedicated team at Knoldus ensures that precise and prescribed steps are taken to create crisp and quality code for their partners.

In order to create quality codes and satisfy every partner, an in-depth understanding of the technology and a dedicated team of workers is necessary. Knoldus makes use of a well-defined process called Knolway to produce high-quality software.

A safe house for the technologists

Knoldus has filtered in some of the finest minds to build a dream team and it has turned the organization into a fun and stimulating environment.

Knoldus believes in an organization without hierarchies where employees can freely express their opinions and suggestions which can help Knoldus stay ahead in the game. Here the respect is earned solely by the skill of a professional and factors like gender, ethnicity, and nationality are not considered.

Recipe for success 

These are the set of core practices that are followed at Knoldus that allows both the company and its clients to pursue a path of smart digital transformation.

  • Pair Programming         
  • Iterations        
  • Customer Centric Communication
  • Test-Driven Development       
  • ntinuous Integration

Knoldus through its innovative and quality coding managed to gain the trust of some of the biggest names in the tech industry.

Working with Global Health Technology

Knoldus worked with a pioneer in the healthcare sector called Global Health Technologies Inc.

Global Health Technology had developed an alert system for elderly and bedridden people which let them summon help 24/7 using a wristband or pendant.

But the system met with a number of challenges. For instance, the manual onboarding of a patient would take almost 15 days to integrate a new customer. Also, there was no information on device analytics to track the number of active participants and several other issues that directly affected the customer.

Knoldus to rescue

Knoldus worked along with the company to understand its problems and decided to digitize their existing stack and help them provide better customer experience.

The onboarding and registration process was automated and the lead time for integrating a customer came down from 15 days to 2 minutes. They also provided an option that let aging citizens to easily adapt to the device (pendant) and get insights into their health. Knoldus also managed to create medical profiles and maintain it with live tracking of the aging person's well-being.


“Architects from Knoldus worked closely with Architects and Engineers from Huawei and solved many complex product issues. Mr. Vikas and Mr. Bhavya Aggarwal with their team have provided excellent support to us over the past 3 years.” - Vadiraj Muradi  Associate VP, Big Data platform, IT & Cloud Business Line, Huawei Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

“Knoldus Software is a highly-skilled group which is committed to providing the best to the end-users. I have worked closely with Knoldus and they have always exceeded our expectations in the projects assigned to them.” - Shashank Kumar Enterprise Sales Manager: Google New Delhi, India & Singapore.

“Our mission is to provide reactive and streaming fast data solutions that are message-driven, elastic, resilient, and responsive.”


  1. Top B2B companies CLUTCH Global 2018
  2. Great Places to work – Technology 2017
  3. Huawei Partner of the Year Award 2017 

Know the Tech wizard

Vikas Hazrati is the CEO and Co-founder of Knoldus Inc. Before founding the company in 2011 he had acquired vast experience from big system integrators and was the backbone of many startups. Vikas is a technologist at heart and has been recognized as a prominent figure in the software industry and has presented at various Technology conferences and written articles on Software development across various media outlets. He is responsible for product development, exploring promising technologies and contributing to the technology roadmap for Knoldus. Vikas has a degree in computer science and an MS in Software Systems. He’s proficient in Functional programming, Scala, Akka, and Fast Data Architecture Consulting.