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Know Before You Show: Cooladata helps to understand your customers ‘better’

Understanding user behavior is critical for products’ optimization. Businesses collect data; businesses collect intelligence. ‘The data’ is a powerful weapon that can transform businesses, modernize operations, and enhance profitability. The question here is: How to collect, analyze and transform these humungous data sets into valuable insights? Well, ‘behavior analytics’ can help. It lets businesses step into their consumers’ shoes and learn from them about their experience and preferences. Cooladata is a BI company headquartered at Tel Aviv, Israel, and New York, United States. It was founded by Guy Greenberg and Tomer Ben Moshe in 2012.

Cooladata’ Bs - Big Data, BI and Behavioral Analytics

Big Data means big responsibility. Application stack of every business throws off huge amounts of data which is majorly ignored or improperly stored. Cooladata helps businesses unify, analyze and share this data to convert, engage, retain, and monetize. In simple words, it helps derive useful business insights from customer data to convert freemium users into paid subscribers and to identify customers at the risk of churn.

Many devices and applications used by consumers to interact with businesses generate reams of structured and unstructured data. Also, building, provisioning and scaling a big data infrastructure for analytics is a tedious job. But ‘the data’ is crucial. Every business breathes through its customers. And the data that helps understand customer behavior is trapped and untouched in various business units. Cooladata helps build flexible data models that can quickly and dynamically evolve with evolving businesses. It helps businesses stay ahead in the competition and serve the evolving needs of their customers. These Cooladata models categorize users based on their behavior and implement appropriate action for each category. It also helps identify users who are likely to convert, or likely to turnover, and this helps for targeted marketing.

Cooladata goes the other way to fetch functional data: they implement languages like SQL, R, and Python directly into the web browsers to easily access data. For advanced Big Data capabilities, Cooladata also offers machine learning models that can be easily built, trained and deployed. Thus far, Cooladata has helped hundreds of data teams in different sectors to gather, store, analyze and visualize Big Data gaining access to powerful and transformative business insights.

Why choose Cooladata?

Cooladata offers flexible and scalable Big Data solutions at affordable prices. Cooladata is an alternative to those expensive homegrown solutions – infrastructure and manpower – that may become obsolete with increasing complexity of data. ‘Pay for what you use’ is Cooladata’s slogan – their offerings are priced based on the data volume handled; thus providing businesses “unlimited seats and unlimited queries for a flat fee.”

The rapidly developing and constantly shifting market today demands for a mechanism that can quickly convert data into useful insights, and in order to do so, one needs the power of a data warehouse for behavioral analysis. Knowing that many businesses can’t afford to spend a lot of time fabricating such structures, Cooladata offers ready-to-be-deployed data warehouse solution that can instantly generate insights off the data right from the time it is deployed. Cooladata’s data warehouses can be queried to obtain data from different departments of an organization. The dashboards built with Cooladata can be embedded in business-specific applications as an iframe. Also, the dashboards can be customized to suit the preferences of partners, vendors, or external parties.

With Cooladata, you can generate reports quickly and efficiently. It even offers the luxury of building custom reports for each team that updates automatically and can be shared via email, SMS, Slack, or as a webpage attachment.

Cooladata is one step ahead when it comes to instilling behavioral analysis in its solutions. Not only does it include the standard visualizations like the funnels, paths, and cohorts, it also provides industry-specific reports to help businesses analyze every stage of customer journey from acquisition to monetization.

“Your data is yours” –Cooladata gives full control over your data. They store your data securely and infinitely – to such an extent where you’ll still have access to those files which were deleted from the original source. Everyone looks at the same data with Cooladata’s company-wide KPI’s and dashboards. This helps bring together different teams to work on the same data at the same time. 

Long and error-prone SQL queries are worries of the past with CQL of Cooladata. CQL is an extension of SQL that can equally query data without having to write the complete code. But of course, Cooladata and its solutions do support SQL. With Cooladata’s end-to-end solution that handles every aspect of data process from gathering to sharing, it’s time we bade goodbye to the hassle of using multiple tools and managing their integrations.

The Data Wizard - Tomer Ben Moshe

Tomer Ben Moshe, along with Guy Greenberg, co-founded Cooladata in 2012 and serves as its Chairman. Prior to Cooladata, he served Amdocs for several years as COO and VP of its Content, Search, Cloud Services and other units. Mr. Moshe also co-founded Redloopmedia, a Chinese startup that provided mobile cloud marketing services. Tomer is the face of Cooladata, and an orator skilled at BI, Database Management. He is the brain behind many leading RAD products designed to operate major databases. Mr. Moshe is an active investor, mentor, and adviser of many startups. The graduate from Bar Ilan University is also an alumnus of Center of Computing and Information Systems (MAMRAM) - the Israel Defense Forces' central computing system unit.

"Cooladata is disrupting the data industry and redesigning how companies study human behavior."

“We make it easy to track, capture, and analyze each customer’s journey and turn them into actionable insights to improve engagement, retention, and monetization.”