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LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions: Transforming Supply Chain

Great success stories of many businesses around the world rely on their supply chain. It is therefore important to understand the importance of a highly efficient and optimized supply chain. For companies providing supply chain solutions, it has always been a challenge to provide their customers with the best service at a low cost. Companies providing supply chain solutions need to make the necessary customizations to meet specific requirements pertaining to supply chain issues, while keeping up with global and economic challenges.

Founded by Mr. Lynn Fritz, LynnCo has a deep lineage with former Fritz Companies that was, the world’s largest freight forwarder with more than 10,000 employees in 120 offices around the world. Over more than 30 years, Fritz Companies legitimized global integrated logistics and set the stage for today’s global supply chain importance. In 2000, LynnCo was formed by Mr. Fritz with the vision of creating a new industry legacy applying advanced technology to global supply chain best practices. Since then, LynnCo has become known in niche markets as the marquee provider of global supply chain solutions.

In 2003, LynnCo was one of the first in the industry to adopt a web-based Transportation Management System (TMS) that integrated with LynnCo’s proprietary web interface, creating a seamless user experience to traverse the order to delivery cycle. This product enabled online collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, carriers and end consumers. It also provided real-time visibility during the ordering, shipping and costing processes within the supply chain.

LynnCo’s SuiteEdge®

Today, LynnCo has expanded its proprietary, web-based technology platform, called SuiteEdge®, into a diverse variety of supply chain capabilities that enable its clients to “see” within their supply chain through carefully constructed control points, traceability, and analytics resulting in optimized performance and cost. The SuiteEdge® platform provides a data-driven approach to operations management and decision-making.

As an early adopter of technological advancements, LynnCo experienced slow implementation as the market learned how to best position technology and its application into their businesses. Automated shipping platforms were very sparse and online business transactions had not fully taken off yet. Today, LynnCo’s clients have come to expect the company to be an early adopter of advanced technologies, configuring them to best practices that optimize performance, and helping pave the road for their own business maturity. The effective use of data has become the fundamental way that the company’s clients compete and operate, so LynnCo provides the insights from end-to-end supply chain information in order to make better, smarter, real time, and fact-based decisions.

SuiteEdge® is highly refined and simple to implement with a process that can have companies up and running with a new solution in as few as 30 days. LynnCo’s supply chain performance strategies are the result of the innovative programming employed in designing developing SuiteEdge®.

Forming True Partnerships

LynnCo employs a cultural philosophy of “Seek to Serve” allowing the company to have a hyper vigilance on its client’s needs, adding continual value throughout long relationships. LynnCo becomes a true integrated partner with its clients achieving perpetual, value-driven results allowing the company to expand its footprint within its client portfolio while attracting new partnerships. Innovation is a key outcome of LynnCo’s culture and the largest reason LynnCo maintains 99%+client retention year over year in an industry where customer loyalty is often fickle.

LynnCo continues to grow

Being in the supply chain business is challenging due to a constant need for innovative solutions that contend with an ever-evolving global environment. LynnCo is founded on supply chain operational excellence, providing product and service innovations coupled with modern technology solutions. LynnCo continually introduces capabilities that gain insight into end-to-end supply chain performance – making its customers more nimble and profitable.

Leader Extraordinaire

Lynn Fritz, Founder LynnCo

Lynn Fritz is a seasoned pioneer in the world of logistics industry. He was the CEO and Chairman of Fritz companies until 2000 when the company was acquired by UPS Supply Chain Solutions. LynnCo was with held from the sell and formed by Mr. Fritz at that time. He also founded the Fritz Institute in 2001 which has been widely recognized as the leader in developing programs to support operational effectiveness and logistics capabilities for the Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Sector.

For his outstanding leadership and community service, he was conferred a Doctorate of Laws degree by the Pepperdine University in 1995 and a Doctor of Law degree from Drexel University in 2004. He received the Citizen Diplomat Award from the International Diplomacy Council in 2005 and the California Prize for the Service of the Common Good from the University of San Francisco in 2008.

Jacque Nuckolls, Vice President of Information Technology

A recognized technology leader, Jacque Nuckolls offers a unique blend of business acumen, team-building, and IT solutions development credited with strong ROI and operations improvement. With a reputation for judicious use of resources, cost management, and strategic vendor partnerships, Jacque has provided leading software, infrastructure, database and management reporting capabilities critical to the success of production systems and company performance.

“We have a long heritage of proven success creating dynamic, lasting supply chain environments that simplify operations and reduce costs.”