10 Best Data Analytics Companies 2019

MarketOne: Full Stack Demand Generation

A lot of businesses are reliant on B2B marketing programs to drive deals. But to make this happen you need Demand Generation to support the marketing and the sales cycle. In the digital age, this is important to generate customer loyalty, profitability and cross-selling. MarketOne based in Waltham, Massachusetts is one of the best companies which are known for Demand Generation.

Humble Beginnings

The company began its operations out of a converted textile factory in Massachusetts in 1998. While MarketOne didn’t have a big employee count, whatever they worked on had a practical approach. The Founder and CEO of MarketOne, Fred Ewald says, “We thought we were practical people, and applied that common sense to what we did.”

Their process seemed to have caught many eyes as big companies came to them soon. These names included the likes of Oracle, IBM, Siebel. The company grew fast with such large clients. Soon, they would look east to expand. The company has a range of offerings which include:

  • Strategy & Operations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Teleservices & Live Chat
  • Marketing Technology
  • Data, Reporting & Analytics
  • Training & Enablement

Two superstars and expansion

With an eye on expansion, the company was looking for someone who would help them look eastwards in 2002. That’s when they came across Enrico Brosio who is the President of MarketOne today. Brosio was extremely qualified having been to Harvard and Trinity College. But his demeanor impressed MarketOne. He helped the company set up a European Office. Rieko Hamada was another superstar for the company the same year as she helped set up another office in Japan. Her leadership helped the MarketOne win the SAS account. The company was blossoming gloriously in the years that followed these first steps.

Global Financial Crisis and hard times

But then the global financial crisis happened and things changed. 2008 was one of the worst years for the global economy as the biggest of institutions crumbled and those who survived the crash wanted nothing to do with investing. MarketOne found itself in a difficult position where they were being asked to even tender for business. It was a strange time as RFPs were everywhere and a lot of documentation was required to be verified by the procurement department.

Changes became necessary to survive. MarketOne moved some of their teleservices near shore. The company’s present Global Business Director set up a new division in Barbados. This move set a precedent that led to the creation of a global, multi-time zone tele resource wherever the customers needed it.

A bet on automation

The company made a strategic decision to partner with Eloqua (a leading platform for marketing automation) despite having a big stake in teleservices. But the company had captured everybody’s imagination in B2B and MarketOne was interested in being a part of a bigger picture.

Branching out

The company also pivoted to look into the world of digital marketing. To bring this about, they welcomed Steven Elliott who helped MarketOne enter the space. The company on-boarded a few more people who proved to be important in setting up new divisions and helping it expand in the APAC region including operations in Bengaluru, Melbourne, and Singapore.

Marketing technology was generating a buzz with people as they started realizing the importance of data. The investments into this technology bracket was picking up. This turned out to be advantageous for MarketOne as AT&T, Lenovo, and Caterpillar came onboard as clients.

MarketOne today has locations all around the globe including offices in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

Confidence is the key

Companies are built on the ethics and characteristics of their leaders. Mr. Ewald is all about confidence. He firmly believes in backing the skills MarketOne has acquired over the course of the last two decades. It is this confidence in delivering results that has been contagious in MarketOne. The company is poised to continue delivering the best in analytics and marketing powered with this confidence.

Meet the luminary

Fred Ewald, Founder and CEO

He founded MarketOne in 1998. He is the visionary behind the expansion of the company. Prior to MarketOne, he was VP of Operations at Impole Corp. Mr. Ewald has served Arthur Andersen and Siemens Nixdorf.

His opinion about work culture: Since day one, my approach has been to seek out and hire self starters, then allow them to thrive within a culture that encourages ingenuity, rewards tenacity and is held together by integrity and mutual respect.”

A global demand generation agency that does the kind of marketing that delivers quantifiable sales outcomes.”

“We aim to be the first and only partner our clients turn to when they have a number to hit.”

“We believe helping people to buy is the single best way to sell. A better buying experience drives differentiation, improves conversion and encourages advocacy.”