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Netwrix empowers information security and governance professionals to reclaim control over sensitive, regulated and business-critical data

Governance and information security professionals get the power of regaining control over delicate information, balanced and business-critical data, irrespective of where it resides. More than 10,000 firms across the world trust Netwrix solutions to safeguard sensitive data, understand the business value of enterprise content, pass compliance audits with little efforts and cost.

Pick Netwrix if you want to laser-focus on your crucial data. “Our unified platform identifies and classifies your sensitive, regulated or mission-critical information consistently and accurately — including both structured and unstructured data, whether it’s on premises and in the cloud,” said the company.

How good are their solutions?

Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory offers security intelligence as to informing about what’s happening on in Active Directory and Group Policy. Audit Directory alters the logons to ease the risk of privilege abuse, accord IT and upgrade troubleshooting.

Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers

All alterations you make to files, folders, shares and permissions; file access auditing; data discovery and classification; and file analysis reporting for improved data security and information management will be provided with actionable security intelligence.

Microsoft SharePoint Auditing Software

Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint delivers security intelligence about what’s going on in your SharePoint environment. See who has access to what and track changes to farm configuration, groups, permissions and user content, as well as document reads, to mitigate the risk of data leaks, maintain SharePoint availability and streamline IT compliance.

Oracle Database Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Get complete visibility into what’s going on inside your databases with continuous Oracle Database auditing. Netwrix Auditor for Oracle Database provides deep insight into all changes and access events in this critical system to help you maximize database uptime and detect data security threats faster.

“We provide you priceless enterprise security”

Enterprise security is priceless — but it doesn’t have to be pricey. Netwrix understands the importance of maximizing the value of every dollar you spend on information security governance, for both the initial investment and the ongoing operational costs. That’s why Netwrix Auditor delivers the comprehensive capabilities you need in a single solution that saves you time and money every day:

Extensive security governance features

Supports your strategic initiatives, such as identity and access management, privileged user monitoring, and incident response.

The broadest coverage of it systems

Delivers visibility and control across multiple on-premises and cloud-based IT systems, including Azure AD, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online.

High ROI and low TCO

Offers reasonable pricing for the initial purchase, transparent costs over product lifetime, and no stratospheric costs for consultancy services.

Streamlined investigations of SIEM alerts

Helps you overcome SIEM limitations by enabling you to rapidly find relevant information about security or operational incidents.

Customer success stories

Day Pitney Secures Proprietary and Customer Data and Reduces Its Risk Exposure


The IT team at Day Pitney has to secure a considerable amount of proprietary and client data, and also prove the reliability of its controls during regular audits conducted by clients. To this end, the IT team needed to gain full control over activity across the IT infrastructure, with increased focus on the file shares containing sensitive content. The firm’s information security engineer, Dino Londis, described the challenge he faced: “You cannot protect data if you don’t know where it is and how exposed it is. My goal was to gain visibility into sensitive data and really secure it, instead of just filling out a questionnaire during the audit.”


Dino chose Netwrix Auditor for its accurate data discovery capabilities and agentless audit data collection that does not degrade system performance, unlike the product the team had used previously. Dino highlighted the following benefits provided by the platform:

Continuous discovery of sensitive data. Once Dino deployed Netwrix Auditor, he identified the location of all sensitive content. “I scanned all shares with the built-in taxonomies; identified different categories of data, including cardholder data, personal health information and GDPR data of our clients who do business in Europe; and verified that the data is stored in secured locations.” Dino runs this discovery and classification process on a weekly basis, since new documents are created almost every day and they need to be properly secured.

Better control over user privileges. Netwrix Auditor provides Dino with precise information about who has access to what sensitive data and how they got that access. He regularly works with data owners to verify that these rights are in line with business needs. “Now I can ensure that neither regular users nor third-party vendors have excessive access to sensitive data, without interrupting business processes. I get the insight into data exposure, so I can make a more surgical fix, instead of blindly locking it down, which may affect employees’ workflow,” Dino noted. The software also alerts him whenever a user is added to a highly privileged group, so he can check right away whether the change was approved by management. For example, he can make sure that only marketing employees have access to social media. On top of that, he leverages the report on mailbox delegation and permissions changes to ensure that only authorized administrative assistants have access to attorneys’ mailboxes.

Visibility into IT risks. Netwrix Auditor sheds light on misconfigurations that could expose Day Pitney to unnecessary risks. In particular, Dino uses the risk assessment dashboard extensively. “It allows us to drill down and find where something is off balance. For instance, I can detect accounts with passwords that never expire, inactive user accounts that are not disabled, and potentially harmful files like executables or scripts. It helps me keep tabs on potential risks to the IT environment and data. There is no way to do it that easily without a dashboard like this.”

Backdrop of Steve Dickson, CEO

Steve Dickson brings a career of operational experience in sales, marketing and product management. Steve was previously with Dell, Inc., where he served as Vice President and General Manager of the Windows Platform Management business, as well as VP of Marketing for the Systems Infrastructure Management Group. Prior to Dell’s acquisition of Quest Software, Steve held leadership positions including SVP of the Windows Management business unit and the Identity and Access Management business unit. Before joining Quest Software in 1998, he worked for Air Liquide as a general manager. Steve holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Weber State University and a master’s degree in business administration from Pepperdine University in Southern California.

“We help you focus your data protection efforts on what really matters.”

“We help you minimize the risk of a breach.”