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Our aim is to support your end-to-end procurement efforts by designing, managing, and executing transformational change: CCP Global

Running a successful procurement, sourcing, and supply-change program in today’s business culture requires visionary thinking. Add to that the challenges of keeping up with changing technology, evolving customer requirements, new regulations and competition, employee issues; well, it’s almost an endless list on the road to get the results and success you strive for.

Instead of trying to do it all yourself, or hire employees who you hope will be able to do it for you, why not hire a consultant who has the expertise and experience to get your business on track?

We have with us CCP Global who works with a mission to empower its clients with end-to-end, supply-chain enhancements to improve profitability, increase efficiency and reduce risk by providing strategic business solutions that leverage its foresight, experienced people, and innovative technologies. CCP Global was founded in 1997 and is a supply-chain and procurement leader in delivering technology solutions to the enterprise. It delivers cost reduction and business development strategies by leveraging its expert teams, strategic partnerships, and by deploying best-in-class technologies.

The company strives to associate with those enterprise clients who are leaders in their industries and have realized they need a strategic partner for their procurement group. CCP wants to have a perpetual relationship with its clients to provide instant support needed to alter and resolve their global Procurement challenges, alongside advancing their organization into the future.

“We inspire our clients to think beyond today’s methods and marketplace constraints and to imagine that in addition to investing in Cloud solutions, they utilize Big Data, Machine Learning Technology (MLT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist in their SaaS procurement process,” quotes the firm.

We conversed with Chris Wojcik, CEO/Founder to get an insight of the company.

How do enterprise clients work with your firm?

Our clients engage us in a variety of ways. We start with bringing a small team of CCP Global Consultants together and listening to their needs of today and vision for tomorrow. We have an open exchange of concepts and we share best practices across a wide array of industries to increase awareness. We are particularly interested in our client’s people and their utilization of implicit and explicit skills, as we present case studies to illustrate GAPS to resolve and best practices to implement. By driving value through collaboration, we help clients to understand the stages of the Procurement lifecycle to transform their business as well as provide clarity on what they should expect their results to be today and into the future. Thus, through our multi-communicative exchanges and our fluid and informative approach, we collectively gain clarity and conclude with a clear set of goals and a Scope of Work presenting expected results.

What is the current marketplace and what will the future marketplace look like?

We believe today’s sourcing, procurement, and supply-chain management is experiencing a very real and exciting state of transformation. Our clients that are embracing this time of innovation are going to be the winners and disruptors. We recognize that being the disruptor in procurement creates a competitive first mover advantage. Advances in AI-assisted data analytics and Machine Learning (ML) are already helping procurement firms, such as ourselves, to identify at-risk clients and supply chains. Let me describe what we see almost daily.

30 Hottest Tech companies to watch 2019 ccp global

First, all progressive enterprise procurement organizations’ CPOs are sitting alongside the CEO, CFO, CIO, and COO and together, they are identifying, addressing, and reducing risk while harnessing the strengths of the company to deliver Shareholder value. The CPO of tomorrow will require more data than previously utilized and will need AI-assistance to analyze this procurement, materials, pricing, and supply chain data in near real-time AND convert their findings into tangible solutions designed for their global organization and Supply Chain- all in compressed timeframes. Our view is that industries, businesses processes, and services are converging so you need a partner that collaborates with you to transform procurement and finance initiatives.

Next, we see global procurement organizations taking down their silos and opening their Supply Chain via Block Chain technology along with improved privacy and security for transactional data. The days of simply selecting a catalog item and ordering with standard terms, E.g. allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery, are on the endangered list. The future is going to be defined by Organizations that can identify a best-suited supplier for meeting their need with accompanying transparency to the when, where, delivery time, and expected quality – in conjunction with knowing how payment is processed while offering early pay or credit card pay for discounts simultaneously and in a seamless manner.

Accordingly, more goods and services will be purchased that are aligned to the business. This strategy supports increasing Shareholder Value by decreasing overall spend and unit cost, resulting in increased cash-flow and margins for the organization.

How is your company positioned in the current marketplace?

We are a strong and fiscally responsible boutique firm focused on enterprise relationships and delivering quality and sustainable results at competitive fees for procurement and finance organizations. CCP Global is not a publicly traded company, nor a division of a diverse services consulting firm. This positioning allows CCP Global to be agile and directly responsible for many strategic results; which we readily accept and guarantee. We appeal to enterprise clients who desire personal and dedicated service backed by smart and experienced people, who are excellent listeners and have empathy for our client’s goals and visions. We have been fortunate to earn the trust of our clients through designing and successfully deploying innovative procurement and finance solutions that create significant savings. Moreover, we understand our client relationship is long-term and the economy and business always change, and we too must flex with our clients. This philosophy has endured with many of our long-term clients, whereas we have appreciated 15+ years of earned trust.

Can you provide us with an overview of the products and services offered by your company and how you determined to focus on these?

As a Certified Partner since 1998, we focus on SAP Ariba and its full suite of offerings. Following the acquisition of Ariba by SAP, we have continued our partnership as SAP is the world’s leading ERP and SAP Ariba continues to be the principal e-procurement software. CEO Chris Wojcik sees SAP as having the strong ability to innovate in near real time and is constantly improving and transforming business processes and technology.

We were well positioned to support enterprise organizations who already ran their business on SAP and wish to enhance their procurement efforts through SAP Ariba. We also support other ERPs, as Ariba is ERP agnostic through innovative APIs—which our talented teams of SMEs know how to configure to connect your ERP to the SAP Ariba SaaS solution in a seamless manner. Next, we support Change Management and Training and are recognized as leaders in these required service components. We also understand that the increased rate of change within an organization is critical and that firms must go beyond ordinary Change Management and become Transformational. To date, we have successfully trained 160,000 global Ariba Users. This training encompasses the SAP Ariba SaaS solution and the internal Change Management the enterprise organization and its Suppliers will experience. Again, essential service attributes to ensure a successful procurement transformation.

CCP Global also supports Savings Share programs where we manage Sourcing events and Tail-Spend to capture significant savings. Utilizing best practices, proprietary Machine Learning Technology, and Artificial Intelligence, we deliver tangible results at no additional risk to our clients. We then transfer this knowledge to our clients who, in turn, enjoy substantial savings year-after-year. Focusing on procurement is essential to being the leader in our industry and keeping our clients leaders in theirs.

Road Map Ahead

Moving forward, Wojcik sees a bright future and predicts margin focus to be a growing trend for enterprise clients. Spend planning and control will be incorporated into the entire organization and product line. This shift will require significant planning and training within the organization. “Spend management will continue to be a trend that will scale in importance and value. Enterprise organizations’ efforts to reduce inefficiencies within their supply chain and in material purchasing will be affected,” he asserts. CCP Global’s highly experienced supply chain professionals accept these challenges ensuring compliance, reducing cost and improving quality.

By outsourcing the difficult aspects of cloud software implementation, maintenance, training and help desk support to CCP Global, enterprise clients can drive successful procurement transformations while reducing costs and risks. “We integrate the best spend management technologies into solutions that are easy to use, configure, and deploy while remaining cost-effective,” he concludes.

Case Studies to prove their efficiency

To describe CCP Global’s expertise in offering innovative solutions to business challenges. Wojcik also discussed his experience with a large dental association. “We prevailed in head-to-head competition with many other firms and ultimately won the software implementation project. At half the cost of the larger consulting firms, we completed the project on-time, on-budget, producing $500,000 in savings for the client, all within a six-month period.” This approach fostered CCP Global’s reputation as the go-to SaaS consulting partner.

Backdrop of the ace

Chris Wojcik is the chief executive officer of CCP Global. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois and an MBA in Business Administration and Management, General from the University of Chicago. Wojcik held many senior-level positions such as the senior manager at Accenture and later at KPMG. In 1997, he co-founded CCP Global and has since been leading the company as the CEO.

"Our teams of experienced professionals have consistently delivered efficient solutions across industries, serving more than 250 clients ranging from mid-sized firms to the Fortune 500."

"CCP Global partners with our clients to achieve successful business transformations to help you retain resources, innovate, and grow."

"Our people provide outstanding functional, technical, and management expertise across multiple industries that enables our clients to maximize their return-on-investment for enterprise-wide business-class technology solutions."

"Our reputation and expertise is largely due to our sustained ability to attract and retain technology professionals who are among the best in the industry. We believe in a collaborative working relationship with all our clients."