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PPX-Tec, LLC: Our aim is to address CMS’s needs by faciliting interoperability beyond silos

Advancements in medical technology have allowed physicians to better diagnose and treat their patients since the beginning of the professional practice of medicine. Thanks to the continuous development of technology in the medical field, countless lives have been saved and the overall quality of life continues to improve over time.

We introduce you to PPX-Tec, LLC who promotes true patient-provider engagement by allowing users to share and collect data from multiple providers/ platforms. Import and Export features allow data to be exchanged in other format.

We have with us Debra Griffin, Founder and Dean Harrison, Co-Founder who will explicate the company’s journey to date Share with us the history of your company.

PPX-Tec, LLC has been in software research and development for eight years in the business of creating innovative technology solutions for data literacy and usability, incorporated April 2011.

What are your strategies for the fastest growth of the company?

Our company’s aim is to address CMS’s needs by facilitating interoperability beyond silos to include all patients in the ownership, sharing, and exchanging of their data for engagement and decision-making. The passage of the 21st Cures Act mandates patients/clients health and insurance data be accessible and exchanged vertically and horizontally among users and various provider types. The Cures Act also provides for elimination of vendors’ data blocking and making interoperability a Medicare condition of participation.

What hurdles did you face in the initial years after setting up the company? How has your company evolved now?

One hurdle was being first to market-some of our challenges involve access to capital and having others’ understanding of application’s innovative value to shift paradigms around patient care and their information access.

According to you should the firm be growing or try to be efficient?

We are in pursuit of both. We first strive to always being efficient and effective. Our application’s development continues to evolve. We also continue to seek users for data ownership purposes and practical feedback to remain impactful.

Brief us about your products and services.

Bluetooth PPX Mobile App means securing your health data in a snAPP and in proximity at an  appointment. PPX can output via PDF, Numbers, HTML, XML, CSV, and can transmit via Bluetooth, email, print, and is Cloud ready. PPX is fully scalable, ingests multiple large structured datasets and identifies and manages the relationships between disparate datasets. PPX is FHIR, HL7, NIST and HIPAA compliant in addition to having the extra security of a self-generating token and a PIN to access data. PPX has unique capabilities for leveraging the read and write of data in platforms, functioning as a bridge, pairing data flows to patients, clients, doctors and others from various vendors’ platform in send, receive and search methods.

Give us a quote that will best describe your company.

PPX will become the hallmark of health IT industry capable of changing vernacular. “PPX Me Your Health Data or PPX Me Your Data in a snAPP,” a feature our company owns.

Brief us about the CEO/Founder of the firm. What are their contributions for the development of the company?

The founders saw a dire problem of healthcare fragmentation and sought to solve this in developing a simple application for ease of use in ownership in their data. Founder Debra Griffin has over 30 years of experience working in rural hospitals and other healthcare businesses. She's served on several healthcare related and economic development boards on the state and national levels. Griffin's desire is to facilitate a simple path and open access to appropriate healthcare that is affordable for all.

Dean Harrison is a co-founder, software developer and technical lead at PPX-Tec and owner/developer at HSoft Consulting. Dean has over 30 years as a database designer, IT specialist, app developer and web programmer.

Users Experiences

“I love the access to information that will be available. It makes it easier to access when situations arise where you need data immediately. So far, I am impressed and pleased with the information I have received and was shown.”

“I think that this app is a great way of keeping track of your health and a much easier way to contact your provider or nurse.”

“You’re able to communicate with your health care provider and access any and all records at any time, great app!” 

“Bluetooth PPX can also enhance care for the medicaid and rural population with no internet, because most are smart device savvy.”

“PPX-Tec app is capable of integrating Blue Button data from CMS (Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services).”

“There’s no better time than the present to embrace health data Interoperability — PPX-Tec does just that! Patients are no longer left empty handed when it comes to their medical records.”