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pymetrics: Matching Talent with Opportunity

Matching talents to the relevant opportunities have so far depended heavily on resumes and the experience of the candidates. But the selection of candidates has not ensured great productivity and the best candidate experience always. pymetrics with its revolutionary new system is changing how companies recruit by tapping into candidate traits and matching the best job profiles to them.

The pymetrics story

The co-founder of pymterics Dr. Frida Polli was an academic neuroscientist at Harvard and MIT for a long time. But eventually, she realized that she wanted to apply her knowledge of neuroscience and data science to solve some real-world issues. But the idea of pymetrics manifested itself in Polli’s mind only when she happened upon a realization that recruiting hadn’t changed in all the years she worked as a neuroscientist.

During her fellowship for an MBA at Harvard, she saw that a huge number of her classmates prepped for 6 months or longer to land a perfect internship or a job. But these students ended up despising the very same internship/job in a small frame of time. Considering that this was the case with Ivy-league MBA students, Polli wondered what was happening at other places.

Moreover, Polli herself experienced problems when she looked at her 30-page academic resume, it told her nothing of how her skills could help her with the ambitions of becoming a tech entrepreneur. At the time, she was a single mother with two children wanting to break the mold of male-dominated entrepreneur circuit. She felt there must be a lot of people like herself who wanted to switch careers but they needed help. She identified this as an opportunity.

She felt that in the age of Amazon, Spotify and many other platforms which make personalized recommendations based on deep analysis of traits and online behavior, the idea of evaluating people based on resumes was outdated. Matching people with opportunities could be optimized by using this powerful technology. Hence, pymetrics was established in 2012 to solve this problem.

A modern solution for recruitment

Quite a few studies have suggested that going about looking for the best candidates through careful evaluation of resumes and their respective experience may be a false indicator for their future job performance. And yet, HR departments all over the world still persist with the age-old-resume for recruiting.

Let’s look at some stats:

  • An average job today receives about 250 applications but the candidate who get selected tend to fail 30-50% of the times
  • It is believed that the resume system is unfair to women and people who come from minorities with failure to land a job being as high as 50-67%
  • As many as 83% of candidates rate their experience as poor
  • 45% of all applicants actually never hear back after applying for a job

All these statistics indicate that there is a need for change. pymetrics is leading this change since its inception.

pymetrics’ platform is being applied by many companies all over the world. The pymetrics team has developed a suite of games which could be played by candidates in about 30 minutes. These games consist of over a dozen tasks which are related to brain-training exercises. The pymetrics platform uses a layer of AI to measure various traits likes multi-tasking, altruism, and problem solving to tell a company how fit a particular candidate is for a specific profile.

A bright future

The innovative company had a great 2018. The year saw pymetrics attract many new investors and clients. In their Series B round which was led by General Atlantic, the company was able to raise $40 million. The round saw participation from Salesforce Ventures, Workday Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and Jazz Venture Partners. The New York City-based company was also recognized as one of the Technology pioneers by the World Economic Forum in the same year.

The company today has over 50 enterprise clients which include big names like Randstad, LinkedIn, Accenture, DBS, Sutherland, Windsor and many more. Its work with Unilever has been widely reported and talked about as the company has seen a 100% increase in the hire yield, a shocking 75% reduction in time to hire and 25% decrease in recruiting costs since going with pymetrics. Further, it has been observed that the application of pymetrics platform has brought a record diversity across gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic status in many companies across the globe.

Meet the Chief!

Dr. Frida Polli, CEO

Ms. Polli after a long stint in academic research decided to apply her wealth of knowledge in neuroscience and data science to solve real world problems. She co-founded pymterics in 2012.

She has appeared on various news channels including BBC, CNN, CNBC, and NPR. She earned her BA from the Dartmouth College and obtained her MBA from Harvard. She also has a PhD from Suffolk University. She did her predoctoral training in neuroscience at the Harvard Medical School and her postdoctoral fellowship in neuroscience at MIT.

pymetrics applies proven neuroscience games and cutting edge AI to reinvent AI the way companies attract, select, and retain talent.

pymterics is using cutting edge neuroscience + data science to democratize career search and hiring.

pymetrics recommends the right person for the right job, while leveling the playing field for everyone.