10 Best ERP Solution Providers 2018

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Rootstock: The ERP Provider for Manufacturers and Distributors

ERP is slowly catching up with CRM. It previously did not have the viability without the cloud platforms. But now with the cloud as a deployment option, ERP is starting to leave a mark on how businesses function. Because of its comprehensive capabilities of handling operations and sales together, it is even starting to become popular. Companies now do not have to spend a fortune on deploying software. They can simply use cloud ERPs to process operations without any specialized help. Additionally, they work on the same scale as the traditional ERPs. On that, they also bring to the table their heightened availability quotient.

Rootstock Software was founded in 2008 by Pat Garrehy. Based out of San Ramon, California the company is well known in the circles of manufacturers and distributors as the provider of quality Cloud ERP. Rootstock Software aims to cut costs, improve processes and increase the revenue with minimal IT infrastructural investment for the companies using its ERP. The company since its inception has grown and now provides its services to its customers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

Manufacturing and distribution are all about being able to handle a business that is split into locations and sites. “Rootstock Software provides the breadth and depth of solutions that today’s manufacturers and distributors need to efficiently operate and grow their businesses”.

The solutions from Rootstock are enhanced by the agile nature of the cloud environments. They help manage the processes of manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain in real-time. Plus they provide this service anytime and anywhere! So the manufacturers and distributors using Rootstock’s services can manage multiple workplaces and services by using the centralized visibility to control the operational activities. Hence, the companies utilizing these services can look at each step of the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain processes.


The partnerships you forge are the drivers of growth in any business. In this regard, Rootstock has an enviable portfolio of partners. The Rootstock ERP is built on top of the Salesforce cloud platform. We all know that Salesforce is one of the most trusted cloud platforms of the world; this was identified by the Rootstock’s founders very early on. They saw the potential that Salesforce had and so they hopped on the Salesforce bandwagon. The Rootstock ERP is available to many businesses through Salesforce’s exclusive solution platform, Force.com and Salesforce’s AppExchange which is the world’s most popular marketplace for business apps. Other than Salesforce, Rootstock partners with Financial Force, Avalara, and ZenKraft.

Rootstock’s software adapts fast and is highly configurable which gives the organization using it the flexibility to implement any workflow, collaborate socially and add new possibilities of services through which the software can meet the requirements of their customers. Compared to the other ERP providers Rootstock provides a much more reliable way of planning and executing the necessary operations to help craft the organization’s decision-making process. Rootstock will help elevate the overall performance of your manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations.

Rootstock Originator

Pat Garrehy, CEO and Founder of Rootstock

Mr. Garrehy brings to the table a blend of great analytical mind and business acumen to Rootstock. He has worked in the areas of management, sales and also on the technical side of things for over 30 years. He is the one who gives Rootstock the strategic direction.

Mr. Garrehy has an impressive background as a software engineer and architect. Before Rootstock, he founded and was the CEO of Relevant Business Systems. Relevant Business System was sold in 2006. The software created by the company is used in a number of business operations of big companies like Solectron and Lockheed.

Mr. Garrehy holds a BS degree in Business and Mathematics from the University of California and has an MBA in finance from the University of Southern California.


  • Rootstock was nominated in two categories for the 2017-18 Cloud Awards program. Rootstock was shortlisted in the “Best Cloud ERP Solution” and the “Best in Mobile Cloud Solution.”
  • Rootstock won the Frost & Sullivan Award for Cloud ERP in 2016.
  • Nucleus Research rated Rootstock as an “Expert” in the ERP Value Matrix 2016. In 2017, Nucleus Research included Rootstock in its leaders quadrant.
  • Rootstock was awarded the Best Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution by Stevie Awards.
  • THINKstrategies Inc. presented the Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Award to Rootstock for delivering business benefits through their SaaS solutions.

“Our software applications provide a robust SaaS solution enabling mid-market manufacturers to cut costs, improve processes, and drive revenues.”

“Because Rootstock is 100% native to the Salesforce platform, our application and your data inherit all of the security features of the Salesforce Platform.”

“The company offers the On Demand ERP solution for all sizes and types, whether they are small organizations with ten users or large operations with several sites and hundreds of users.”