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SAIMOS: Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operations Security

Geographic Information System (GIS) has been used in many industries including engineering, transport and infrastructure management. While the technology has been used in design, construction and operations, it has not been properly harnessed for situational awareness, infrastructure management, and especially security. SAIMOS®, a company based out of Vienna, Austria is pioneering the usage of intelligent Video Analytics and GIS for exactly this.

The Founder/CEO, Mr. Karim Elhanafi talked to us recently and explained to us the importance of his company in today’s world.

What was your mission at the outset? And what is it today?

In the beginning, we were focused on automating and optimizing daily processes. These were based on geo-spatial information and available geo-analytics. Although the concept is still the same – process automation and optimization, now we also use cutting-edge technologies like machine learning based video analytics. Today, we focus on security workflows supported by geo-spatial information. Looking ahead, we want to make our video analytics enterprise solutions available to SME’s and private customers.

What products/services do you offer?

Our goal is to leverage the possibilities of complex technologies, in the simplest way possible, to deliver effective security solutions for users. We help companies who are in need of protecting and/or need help managing their assets.

Our SAIMOS® Portfolio covers Intelligent Video Analytics and Situational Awareness based on GIS. It was created in 2017 and is a next-generation security solution powered by machine learning.

We have a strong association with Milestone, which is the world’s no.1 vendor for Video Management Systems. We are the first company having Video Analytics seamlessly integrated into Milestone Xprotect®. Our products are internationally available through the Milestone marketplace.

We were even awarded the Milestone Solution Partner of the Year, EMEA at the MIPS 2019 which was held at Copenhagen. We got the award for the launch of our SAIMOS® C3 CORE for Milestone XProtect® in 2018.

Besides our traditional Video Analytic functionalities, our Facial Recognition solution is also used by authorities and in the private sector. Further, it’s also integrated into Milestone XProtect®.

Tell us about your business strategies.

In the past, we mainly provided on the enterprise-level only. But now, we aim to tap the SME customers and also the consumer markets to broaden our customer base. We are doing this by releasing the core versions of our video analytic products with little restrictions, at an affordable price. We have also associated ourselves with the world’s best Video Management Systems provider, Milestone Systems, to help us on our journey.

What is your approach to stop cyber threats?

Education is of paramount importance. People must learn to not click on every link they are offered. While social media is great, users are increasingly becoming transparent here. Many attacks today are driven via social engineering. Hence, education and raising awareness on these are extremely important.

At SAIMOS, we brought external cybersecurity consultants onboard when our software and communication architecture was designed. We also perform regular penetration tests to ensure that we close any potential gaps in our solutions.

According to you, what is the next big thing in technology marketplace?

It is hard to predict as the technology market is constantly evolving. The next big thing will be perhaps the sum of all these developments that are currently happening. Apart from this, I feel quantum computing will be a big boost for technology once it becomes available to the industry.

I also believe that technology will eventually become a challenge for humanity. I have personally signed the Copenhagen Letter, a manifesto that calls for better practices in technology and design.

What is a growth opportunity according to you?

I believe that a growth opportunity should result in a win-win situation. I like to see growth opportunity as a chance to implement state-of-the-art technology and innovation to present new ideas in the market. It might take some time until the market recognizes the benefits, but at the end of the day, you are the first one providing the solution. A growth opportunity must not be seen only at a commercial capacity. Taking challenges are a good driver for growth supported by an excellent team as we do have it.

Meet the leader

Karim Elhanafi, Founder & CEO

Mr. Elhanafi has studied aeronautical engineering. His tryst with GIS began during an internship he did in 1990. He began his studies in GIS at the University of Salzburg, Austria and over the years has become a pioneer of GIS.

He worked with mobile GPS field data collection solutions as well as integrated Geo-Information Management Systems with a focus on infrastructure and the oil & gas industry. He has opened himself to video analytics and security related applications in 2015. He has executed projects in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

“We focus on GIS, AI-based Video Analytics as well as custom developments targeting Security, Safety and Critical infrastructure.”

“Our developments aim to provide the advantages of complex technologies to users by handling the complexity in the background.”