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We enable companies to reset expectations on how employees can get work done on the go: SyncDog

How many business meetings have you been to lately where someone hasn’t pulled out their smartphone or iPad to take notes or to look up information? The most obvious advantage is freedom; having the ability to keep in touch with staff and clients from anywhere with an internet connection. If you think that your mobile device or tablet isn’t meant as a business tool, think again. SyncDog challenges the status quo and changes the game on how organizations empower their mobile workforce.

The founder of SyncDog, Mr. Gyllensvaan, realized the need for ongoing disruption in the BYOD industry. Given his passion for the enterprise mobility space and his background launching SyncDog seemed like a natural endeavor.

The company’s first product launch was focused on supporting highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services. The firm found that their solution was attractive in those areas as well as other sectors. Many companies continue to find SyncDog and leaders are blown away by the value the SyncDog solution adds.

When questioned about the role a CEO plays in building mission and vision statements, Mr. Gyllensvaan said us, “It is the job of the CEO to paint the future and envision the purpose of a company and how it will drive change in its industry and more broadly. The vision statement should be one that inspires its employees, clients, prospects, and other stakeholders to join together and disrupt the way things have always been done.”

He also added that, “As far as the mission, it is critical that a CEO can articulate (with input and insight from his or her team) what the key areas of focus need to be to deliver on the vision. The CEO and the team must stay focused and not be distracted by shiny objects. Many companies take on too much and it keeps them from moving forward and staying agile.”

Mr. Gyllensvaan shares how he is a big believer in building a high-performing team of experts and letting them have the space to create and add value to the company and its clients. From employees to clients to prospects, it is important to know what makes people tick and motivates them to move forward. Put yourself in other's shoes to appreciate where they are coming from and what they need-this is a key skill when it comes to satisfaction and success.

Mr. Gyllensvaan’s advice to his peers, “It is critical to know your customer, have a clear message, and be visible. Provide value and continue to focus on the customer to be relevant. Be open to opportunities, sometimes unexpected customers may find you and a CEO must be able to adapt and pivot as needed.”

Currently, the firm is working on an ongoing innovation, investing in their clients, and continuing to manage the growing pipeline of customers. Lately, the company has prospects approaching it for really complex problems and the company is excited to solve them. So many organizations are mobile and yet they cannot solve problems via their mobile device. SyncDog is changing that.

SyncDog is a thought leader and is focused on setting the path for companies and how they view and operationalize productivity and security. Although almost all companies today have employees who want or need the ability to work outside the four walls of the organization, the current mobile security solutions being utilized today still have them tethered to their laptop and office – they still utter the phrase “I’ll get to that once I’m back at my desk” far too often.

Excellent piece of advice from Mr. Gyllensvaan

A CEO must be able to understand their core strengths and build a team that complements those strengths. We each have our unique value to bring to bear and if a CEO cannot delegate and empower others, then why would employees want to work there? It is key for a CEO to remember to invest in their people as much if not more than their product - if you invest in your people the rest is a lot easier.

Meet the innovator

Jonas Gyllensvaan is the Founder and CEO. He is an information technology leader with a career that reflects entrepreneurial vision and development. He advises other businesses with his understanding of how technology and business intersect in a way drives growth and positive performance outcomes. His work involves engaging with executive leaders, technologists, and others to introduce ideas and implement transformative projects. He has worked in over a dozen countries to introduce strategies and tools to facilitate improved operations for both public and private entities, as well as government agencies.

“We recognize companies need the flexibility and capability to confidently leverage talent over a diverse geography and our solution provides a secure approach to an integrated mobile workforce.”

"We specialize in Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Containerization, Mobile & Enterprise Security, ActiveSync Monitoring, BYOD Monitoring, BlackBerry Monitoring, Compliance Reporting."