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Tagnos: Delivering a better Human Experience for Patients and Healthcare Staff

Healthcare is a center of constant exploration and finding new possibilities. The entire healthcare industry has many parts that are always moving. But, every clinic, healthcare center, etc. have to be at the right place at the right time, as it’s an essential part of saving lives. The healthcare sector also has many assets, staff, and most importantly patients. It’s very important to keep a track and monitor these assets to optimize the location of all the medical clinicians, equipment, and even the patients.

You can do all this with Tagnos! Founded in 2005 by Neeraj Bhavani, Tagnos’ clinical logistics automation solutions are used by many hospitals and clinics. The SaaS platform from Tagnos is a data analysis platform for many clinical systems like ADT systems, EHR, CPOE, RIS, and LIS. The platform also includes a RTLS tracking device that eases the facilitation of the patient flow in and out of hospitals.

Today, everything needs a tinge of AI. And Tagnos isn’t behind with it! “The insights produced by our AI algorithms help healthcare organizations optimize their staff and asset utilization to prevent bottlenecks, reduce wait times and improve throughput, while increasing patient and staff satisfaction,” says Neeraj Bhavani, the founder and CEO of Tagnos. The vision of Tagnos systems, as he explains, is ‘designed to drive an increase in efficiency in treatment delivery, increase the patient satisfaction, and improve the staff utilization.’

Technology for a cause

At Tagnos, technological solutions are designed and developed for a cause: better healthcare. The team at Tagnos consists of healthcare veterans, experts dealing with human experiences, and authorities of technology. Everyone work together hand-in-hand with the clients. This unique combination is setting the path of revolution in healthcare and the way it is delivered. “By utilizing the best new technology developments and focusing on truly meeting the needs of patients and healthcare organizations alike, we have created something revolutionary,” Neeraj believes.

The entire team is strongly dedicated and committed to simplifying the relationships and experiences between the hospitals and the patients. They do this by sincerely working with healthcare organizations. The driving force behind this commitment and dedication is passion. “We are passionate about helping to deliver a better human experience for the patient and healthcare staff,” he says.

It’s been more than a decade since its establishment and Tagnos has found an effective way to deliver. The company has achieved this through its unique combination of data insights, real-time location tracking, and workflow. With this, it provides real economic benefits to hospital departments. The best achievement it has succeeded is in increasing the patient and their family’s satisfaction.

Tagnos for you

  • Benchmarking and real-time visibility of patient flow: You can set a benchmark and avail real-time alerts with Tagnos
  • Sophisticated patient flow analytics: Track patients in real-time and even capture their key events and critical benchmarks
  • “Hands free” patient tracking: This patented technology from Tagnos tracks the patient without requiring any data entry, making it completely hands-free
  • Focus on the patient experience: For Tagnos, it’s always about improving the patient’s experience and also increasing the efficiency of the hospital
  • Patient and family communication: With Tagnos, you can relay and broadcast HIPAA-sanitized “patient status” removing the necessity of phone calls
  • Room level tracking: Gen2IR/RFID technology at Tagnos tracks even at the sub-room level, increasing the efficiency and accuracy
  • Smart connections: RFID tags are used for all patients, staff, and even medical assets/ equipment
  • Simple implementation: Very few IT resources are required with Tagnos as it has a simple HL7 interface to existing scheduling systems

Understanding challenges and overcoming them on at a time

One of the best parts of Tagnos is that it understands the challenges that are exclusive in the healthcare sector. It also recognizes that there are many out there willing to venture out on new technologies that are abundant today, and successfully shift to the new landscape of healthcare reform. “We think healthcare organizations are facing unnecessary costs and revenue loss due to unseen inefficiencies and not taking control of the changing reimbursement model driven by HITECH and Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation,” says Neeraj. For instance, let’s take the new legislation that is increasingly shifting Medicare to payment based on the quality-of-care (MACRA) and episodes-of-care (BPCI). Moreover, new rules also require the hospitals to measure HCAHPS or the patient satisfaction in order to bring about a meaningful comparison between medical centers, Neeraj says.

Meet the Brainiac!

Neeraj Bhavani, Founder and CEO

Neeraj founded Tagnos and oversees the strategic vision for the company. An energetic entrepreneur, he has many years of experience in healthcare informatics, wireless healthcare, and workflow automation. Neeraj holds an MS in Computer Science from BITS Pilani and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

“The Tagnos systems are designed to drive more efficient treatment delivery, increase in patient satisfaction, and improved staff utilization.”

“Our team of healthcare veterans, technology experts and human experience experts work hand-in-hand with our clients to revolutionize the way their healthcare is delivered.”