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The Nomis Platform takes an end-to-end approach to customer-centricity

Nomis aids retail banks get the best customer experience via reduced price, customer oriented offers, and multi-channel sales capacity. Above 10,000 bankers globally leverage Nomis’ cutting-edge Silicon Valley approach to big data, advanced modeling, and deep analytics to understand and anticipate the demands of their customers, competitor actions, and dynamic market conditions.

Nomis gathers huge unidentified transaction data, market and competitor information and utilize its algorithms to recognize signs of different utility amongst groups of consumers to establish what prices and offers they will accept. And then the next process will be to overlay fairness, regulatory, and operating obstacles to make sure compliance and feasibility of any changes. The company then makes calculations of the optimal profit and volume combinations to make driving your strategy simple. 

Through enterprise-class SaaS software, the company’s banking consumer intelligence is seamlessly provided which runs simulations & optimizations, produces rates, and determines offers.

Nomis platform then dispenses these offers to the front lines of banks and aid bankers to better place and bargain leveraging real-time analytics. On an ongoing basis, Nomis monitors how these offers are performing to improve close rates, satisfy more consumers, and drive more volume or profit for both deposit and lending products. 

Catered Products and Solutions

Portfolio and Segment-level Pricing and Forecasting

  • Leverage client, market, and competitive data for a deeper understanding of portfolio dynamics
  • Optimize prices based on powerful predictive analytics and what-if scenarios to meet portfolio goals for volume and/or margin
  • Determine target rates simultaneously across multiple segments to respond quickly to changing market conditions

Enterprise-wide Client-level Pricing and Bundles

  • Deliver branch, rep, or client-level pricing control using flexible pricing management to ensure that business rules are followed
  • Improve pricing agility with business-user driven tools
  • Enable pricing and offers for multi-product bundles for greater win-win value exchange in customer engagements

Analyze & Optimize

Price optimization is at the core of the Nomis Platform. Using its analytical tools, bankers are able to understand customer behavior and preferences (such as price sensitivity or regional differences) faster and with greater granularity. They can quickly predict the impact of market changes, such as competitor moves, using scenario planning functionality. These insights enable banks to be faster to market with reliable rate sheets for loans and deposits that reflect customer demands.

Manage & Execute

Make banks aware of their pricing strategies and develop optimized rate sheets is just the beginning apart from that Nomis helps banks consistently apply rules to standard rate sheets, such as employee rates or multi-product discounts. Further, once banks understand customer value, they can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns with targeted offers generated using customer intelligence and attributes that aren't readily observable without the analytical engine Nomis provides. 

Present & Finalize

Sometimes even the well-informed pricing strategy might lose its capability if it fails to execute at all customer touch points to deliver win-win outcomes for clients and the bank. Nomis enables moment-centric client interactions that reinforce the banker's role as trusted adviser by making customer intelligence and pricing analytics available across every channel. Banks improve their take-up rates, increase consistency, and have better visibility into front-line customer interactions. Then they leverage insights gained through front-line interactions to fine-tune future analysis and optimization, constantly improving the bank's ability to anticipate customer needs.

What the satisfied clients say….

“We now look at new product offerings with a greater understanding of the future implications for the rest of the book. It’s also led us to structure our products in such a way that we have different strategic approaches to pricing on all of these products. The segmentation has allowed us to differentiate based on the clients’ needs, and that differentiation is also included in new product development. The outcomes of new introductions are clearly understood and measurable. Furthermore, we have a clearer understanding of how the products flow between each other and how the customers react in different economic cycles to different product categories.”

-Alison Teal, Head of Retail Balance Sheet Management, Nedbank Group

“Before Nomis, our renewal contact with customers was basically regulatory-driven. Nomis helped us with a much more disciplined contact strategy. What we needed was someone to apply analytic discipline to our mortgage retention initiatives and to provide assistance on which customers were most likely to attrite so we could focus our efforts on those customers. What it boiled down to was what customers to contact, how to contact them, and what renewal rate we should offer them. At the same time, our pricing was entirely dependent on our sales officer's negotiation. With Nomis, we were able to standardize our pricing and offer rates to our customers based primarily on their probability of attrition. We not only met our business case objectives, we exceeded them...while at the same time we were able to keep our margins stable.”

-lezley Chafetz, Director of Product & Program Design, Scotiabank

Meet the President and Chief Executive Officer, Frank Rohde

Frank was born with a vision to materially improve the financial and operational performance of companies by using best-in-class pricing and profitability management. Frank joined Nomis Solutions in 2005. Frank has over 15 years of financial services domain expertise. Before working in Nomis, he served as Vice President of Enterprise Decision Management at Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE: FIC), where he was responsible for development and marketing of optimization solutions to the financial services industry. Prior to Fair Isaac, Frank was Vice President of Product Development for eCoverage, an online insurance company, as well as an Associate in the Financial Services practice at Mercer Management Consulting. Frank is a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter and has published on the topics of decision management and optimization in several trade publications including Credit Risk International and Harvard Business Review. Frank graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in finance and management.

“Retail bankers around the world are becoming more customer-centric by leveraging the Nomis Platform to design, operationalize, and deliver personalized pricing and offers.”

“We believe in a world where banks don’t sell products and services but deliver valuable solutions to financial problems at the right time, right place, and personalized to the individual customer.”