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Unravel: Leaders in Big Data Application Performance Management

The world of Big Data is an eye opener to many things that were previously in the dark. With these huge volumes of data, monitoring and analyzing information has become even more simplified and provided an extra edge to business organizations. The Application Performance Management (APM) is another part of Big Data, which is a process of monitoring and managing the performance and availability of software applications. APM’s ultimate aim is where the monitoring process helps the end user with a superior quality experience.

Proving the best APM software for the Big Data ecosystem is the Unravel. With Unravel, you can optimize, analyze, and troubleshoot any problem with complete ease. Today, there are many management challenges on the rise, all pertaining to Big Data systems. The APM software from Unravel is a prime problem-solver in these scenarios.

Started in 2013, Unravel was founded by Kunal Agarwal and Dr. Shivnath Babu. They were seriously frustrated with manually troubleshooting performance problems in Big Data stacks firsthand. Big Data experts from Oracle, Microsoft, and Cloudera joined together to be part of the founding team of Unravel. The company’s top customers include Kaiser Permanente, YP.com, Leidos, and Autodesk. The investors understood the potential of the company and it has raised a total of $23M of funding from Data Elite Ventures, Jyoti Bansal, M12, Menlo Ventures, and GGV Capital.

The secret ingredient that Unravel uses is Artificial Intelligence. Using AI, the company has developed unique ways to simplify the process of troubleshooting problems and at the same time, optimizing the overall performance. Other infrastructure monitoring tools like Ambari, CloudWatch, and Cloudera Manager are seamlessly integrated with the Unravel platform. This complementary ‘working together’ is achieved by connecting application performance resource usage and user information for a comprehensive analysis.

Managing data simplified

We need to understand that Big Data is made up of various smaller parts. “Big Data applications (i.e., data consumers) don’t exist in isolation of the underlying Big Data stack – they are threaded together with many different systems,” explains the co-founder and CEO of Unravel, Kunal Agarwal. Now depending upon how the entire stack performs is directly related on the downstream consumers. If you need to meet the SLA agreements, the right management application which is highly complex in nature is required for an end-to-end solution.

This is where Unravel comes to the rescue with its one tool that offers complete full-stack and simplifies Big Data APM. “Built specifically as an end-to-end tool to manage applications for performance and utilization, Unravel not only collects performance data across the full stack, but also automatically correlates all the data together,” adds Kunal.

This process in turn automatically provides the right and specific recommendations for meeting software SLAs, improving utilization of resources, and solving performance issues. “With Unravel, DevOps can optimize performance and utilization, troubleshoot issues quickly, and analyze usage to do chargeback reporting as well as plan future scaling,” he says. But it’s not just that. Apart from simply monitoring and unifying the system-level data, Unravel also ensures that the performance data is tracked, correlated, and interpreted across the full-stack.

Impact on your data stack

In short, Unravel has a promise to all its customers: you can be assured of a real and positive business impact across your entire Big Data stack! Be it either improvement in DevOps productivity or all your goals by utilizing Big Data, Unravel is there to ensure you achieve what you dream of. The company also ensures that the overall costs of the infrastructure are minimized. And not to forget, it also ensures that the productivity is perfectly optimized. In a gist, Kunal concludes about Unravel, “We analyzed 12 million Big Data jobs at Fortune 1000 – We created 1 tool that ensures optimal performance for your Big Data stack!”

Meet the Visionary

Kunal Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO

Kunal is an energetic and dynamic person and has always aimed for greater success. He’s a charismatic leader for his company and is the driving force for his people. Prior to Unravel, Kunal had co-founded Yuuze. His previous experiences include being a Business Intelligence Architect and Consultant at Affymetrix and Express Scripts, respectively. He has also worked at eOne Infotech, where he was a Senior Project Manager as well as a Sales Director. Kunal completed his MBA in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies from Duke University and his Bachelor of Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Valparaiso University.

“Unravel’s partner ecosystem allows you to leverage your choice of platform with peace of mind and rely on expertise to build and expand your data platform and data-driven applications.”

“Unravel Data provides the only Application Performance Management (APM) solution for Big Data.”

“Built specifically as an end-to-end tool to manage applications for performance and utilization, Unravel not only collects performance data across the full stack, but also automatically correlates all the data together.”